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n the wind Shanghai dragon how to optimize resource efficient accumulation



the station sign a glue glue editor: past wind. At present, the author in the chain can operate.

first, for the A5 platform. The power to write their own articles on A5 from all the articles were widely reprinted and collected for a Shanghai dragon Er, an article that basically solved the problem of a chain site every day. Why not??

Second, website

although we do out of the site are not what may be profitable, but doing station will encounter a lot of technology let us improve the place. More importantly, when the site has some weight and weight, the chain can be what you want to add the number of how many, and sometimes we have some high weight station can solve big problems in key areas. A similar principle for station group, although not operation, but this is a long-term strategy, once the effect is different from general. This is also the current direction.

through the analysis station can quickly get a number of resources optimization. Of course, the more tired, is mainly the cumbersome registration, but after the success of future is their own. Every day we managed to get 5 or so, you will find yourself on enduring as the universe outside the chain of resources will be very much. Every day outside the chain, it is a handy thing, but also quantitative timing.

second, the blog group built is an easy job to do. A few days ago in a same age and Shanghai dragon Er exchange, visit each other’s blog. Do very well, Sina, NetEase, Alibaba, Shanghai love… The blog has built a small blog, between the Internet network, the weights of each other, is also very convenient to update. To make such a blog group should not be what is difficult, the month will have a certain weight. As for a sprocket like person, never tried, just feel good network management, but also a lot easier than sprocket.

Compared with

must learn to write the soft.


fourth, domain rival station.


as a Shanghai dragon Er, have the resources sometimes directly determines the success or failure of your optimization. In the basic difference between peers, the fight is more resources and experience. So how to efficiently accumulate their own resources? Under the author’s own experience, welcome to add

does not seek the literary talent is good, as long as the utility can be written, large website is a good article. In this paper the reason for the A5 platform, but also because of this reason. Published an authoritative website article can bring dozens of the chain, of course, this is a conservative figure, with the increase of time, may also bring a lot of potential chain. As for what the virality, I’d never thought about it, the difficulty is big. As the Shanghai dragon as long as the master who write soft skills in general is also OK.

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