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Love Shanghai recently search adjustment analysis mobile social networking is the trend

in recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, 2011 China Mobile Internet market scale reached 86 billion 200 million. On the innovation of Android mobile phone and popularization of iPhone mobile phone, mobile applications and mobile phone website is to subvert the traditional web page and PC status, strengthen the mobile Internet play a role in daily life. Instead of a part of PC and traditional WEB page function. The rapid mobile Internet also means that the mobile user experience demands. Love Shanghai for mobile search algorithm to adjust, one is to encourage mobile phone and mobile APP page to enhance the terminal adaptation and page conversion ability, will be the best show to the user experience to create the ideal mobile search experience. To improve the PV users through love Shanghai mobile search continuation access, on the other hand, to strengthen the love of Shanghai mobile search function.


love from Shanghai mobile search adjustment is not difficult to find love Shanghai algorithm for the future will be more for the sake of users, the user experience better website ranking will be higher. In view of the user experience do adjustment algorithm >

April 11th love Shanghai announced the start of the mobile search ranking algorithm to adjust and optimize the webmaster web site operators to encourage mobile phone page, at the same time, the new rules will also enhance the mobile phone APP ranking. This means that applies to the mobile terminal web mobile phone WAP mobile phone will be better than the traditional page page show, get a better ranking. Love Shanghai mobile open platform provides three optimization schemes for stationmaster, are both mobile phone and PC stations, only the mobile phone station, PC station is only three. To optimize website suggest webmaster, PC and mobile phone can be adapted automatically through the mobile phone will automatically open a web page website adapted to mobile phone station; self adaptation has difficulty in the PC page source code embedded Meta head information, mobile phone URL page by Meta information specified in the PC page and the corresponding page corresponding to URL format love the sea, will be the most appropriate choice according to the type of the user terminal display page. The website can also use the love of Shanghai open adaptation data, after the approval of Shanghai will love according to the mobile phone terminal users to select the appropriate mobile phone display page.

, Admin5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) head Tang Shijun: think specifically for mobile phone / tablet version of the website and WebAPP mobile user experience more, for the user to save traffic and improve the opening speed and content to read and prolong the residence time of the page, the search will get a better ranking in the love of Shanghai mobile. Without moving for optimization or optimization is not in place to complete the mobile adaptation of the love of Shanghai mobile site search ranking is not optimistic, so suggest webmaster timely check on the website for the mobile Internet and mobile search reference suggestions to optimize the love of Shanghai, the early realization of the "mobile". The user experience first, just meet the requirements of the mobile Internet experience website in order to obtain better search rankings, winning opportunities.

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