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n 2014 should also need to do optimization

It is clear from many sites since the second half of this year generator needs?

by processing down right or be K, mostly by K and similar products is the enterprise station site. The K site is not similar to the previous several large-scale K station, such as the purchase of the chain or cheating. In the end is what is different? I’m analysis:

the easiest way is to search for the keyword "generator" and then look at the drop-down box and relevant search there is love Shanghai, principle, price and structure in the drop-down section inside. Obviously, besides the price in other website there is no, that is not the site to meet the needs of users (my site in the copyright information at the end), belongs to the library information generator principle content is a great generator principle downloads demand, but I don’t place a site inside the download link also, no download content. So there are many places need to modify.

see from where you can? Before 2011 classification information platform is OK, which is the classification of information platform to do the ranking is very good, so a lot of people do not only rely on the information can also earn money, but from 2011 to 2012 ranking classification information platform behind the enterprise station, but information from the beginning of this year the platform began ranking good, why is this? "

see a lot in this November 22nd is right down the site, basically are the products of the enterprise station, if the station is products of these sites did not show good products, but also no display of other content. Our view is the previous site since it is selling a product that our website is clear and simple display of our products can be, similar to my generator site, basically home page content is the product information. Then the generator needs is not it?. How to find the

then the site should arrange what content? Before answering this question we first consider a problem: on the Internet click browse our website users mainly by those people? What is the main? For all enterprise stand for our users by: customers, people, peers, query data Shanghai dragon group, peer in this population and the majority of users to query data. So now the search engine is that he will not distinguish between what is the user purchase query data users, he knows what is in your website, and who does not find what you want to leave your site. So the trend of website optimization next year is to meet the needs of users to query information, also is our website mainly provides product information, and then recommend our products, only in this way can the website ranking up. In fact, this algorithm last year has already begun to implement, but not so obvious, my bucket elevator is a very complete information site (search bucket elevator, Cangzhou promises the site) so now the ranking is stable.

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