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The enterprise website chain exchange need to pay attention to what the problem

if you are a level domain name, whether the other side is the two level domain and so on, in which the cause not to repeat, I believe we all know. There is little details when you love Shanghai site, to each other’s home page in the first place (weight).

switching station.

Whether the

3, website ranking.

4, the domain name Most of the

loves Shanghai on our familiar, most of us in the exchange links, the first look at each other love Shanghai snapshot, simply put it as a astepping-stone to success exchange chain. In fact, you will often find that several of the top station snapshot is not necessarily very new, so love Shanghai snapshot is just one of the conditions of exchange chain. There is a small details that we were in site when the other station view snapshot, also want to pay attention to the station under the snapshot time of other pages, not much difference.

master perhaps reading the title of this article head does not live place, because the exchange chain skills are learned by heart, here or on exchange chain list could not help the aspects like me for the rookie entry soon see. Gossip is, went straight to the theme.

is a station of the main keywords ranking, search engine to give it a certain weight. And these stations exchange chain certainly better. However, we must also pay attention to. We know that there are "black hat" approach in Shanghai Longfeng, some stations are ranked by this method to row up. The basic approach is to view the meta tag has no keyword stuffing, how much is the chain number (about 30 to 50 of normal, if it will be cumulative chain of the suspect), the domain chain and the quality checks it.

switching station architecture, chain position.

loves Shanghai included compared to Google included is more conservative, especially for some new sites. Self, when exchange chain, 1-10 is a hurdle. The other is the specific case, the enterprise station, included one hundred or two hundred and sixty or seventy can be included in the exchange chain. But here is a collection of, effective and high quality. We are in a site station, Shanghai love the last page will appear below the "tip: in order to provide the most relevant results, we omit the entry" similar to some content, click here to see all search results." The reason is the content of the website is not high quality, weight is not high site content and repeat.

1, website snapshot love Shanghai.

2, the website included love Shanghai.


The snapshot

exchange links with our station is a station flash frame layout, a large number of JS and so on, these are considered in this category, I also not much. Friends of the chain position and the presentation is very important: if you put your keywords in the framework, it is equal to his single; the other is link to the home page or column page links in this note will automatically jump, >

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