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Shanghai Longfeng optimization to obtain high success or unusual way to go


third, we need to optimize to enhance the user experience by those details. The user experience is a lot of talk about the topic, but the words we difficult to pass specific things to regulate him, because it itself is a very abstract thing, in the personal blog as an example, the author found some intentions of bloggers on the site module to increase the number of interactive quiz or FAQ module. Increase user trust for the website, some creative enterprise station also opened a similar Shanghai dragon why, love Shanghai know the FAQ module so, this is undoubtedly an effective way to enhance the user experience, site performance, open speed directly affects the user’s mood, this is the most basic, so that is, they analyze their customers to see users are most concerned about things on the site in the analysis we can do, we must put the user details Placed in a prominent position, deployment, the content module not for search engine updates and many users do not pay.

fourth, Shanghai dragon to optimize your web site to use >

second, the station is able to transform a way of writing. I see the most is the business enterprise station update news and product information, but I want to say that no ground for blame, is, on these basis, we can summarize some of the latest topics argument or sharing product use and customer service experience to their users? Every day and not like walking running account. Write a lot of themselves are not willing to look at the article, the way of writing is to transform their own unique enterprise found something, or he thinks is very user needs, rather than blindly in order to cater to the search engine, and many speak generally updated, this way I do not know whether it is considered

first, to build a unique web site. The current Internet site, a superb collection of beautiful things of tricks, as an optimization personnel if in a conventional way to build the site so that it is difficult to get the search engine’s favor, because a large number of similar similar sites like Shanghai certainly no way to give your website ranking, we must be combined with the actual construction of a different site, with the enterprise station for example, company news, product introduction, contact us is fixed routine, so most of the site, why can’t we add some modules, such as their production process, with a large number of related physical map to increase the sense of reality, the product details why we don’t like Taobao, the details to show. Let the user feel our professional, can actually find many points, the most important point is to use the user service Heart, this is very important.

we know that the current thinking and strategy of website optimization is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, the current in the optimization process, we must make the website characteristics of their own, the value of the site and the unique side show to our users, so that search engine optimization in the present age, why should we not take this new, unusual the road of


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