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Tao Xiaokai we do eventually user experience

is about the ultimate, but this idea also violated many rules of nature, but it will not insist too much on the wrong medicine, the highest realm: benevolence, Wu also has its highest pursuit, and what is the highest pursuit of our website? That just to pursue life. Just go to the record of life are in fact false, at least you are false, only those in the industry to sway the decades of predecessors are eligible to say, so the highest realm of our present stage is: user experience. I am a website developer, now also contact Shanghai Longfeng some time, on the other hand, an intersection is the user experience. Is for the convenience of the reader how convenient is what to do. Here in fact, think of most things in the world, doing business well, the customer is supreme. Therefore, the ultimate user experience we have to pay our attention, and that you do not feel

user experience is the highest realm we are pursuing


does not know this "content is king" is proposed which predecessors, (PS: Ding teacher told the Wuji proposed by Zhang) so that it has become all the webmaster motto and epitaph, but I believe we must see that our website is very important. The original has been advocated, and the need to "fat" article, so as to give the reader a better interpretation. Yes, our purpose is to make people better reading and writing, what kind of content, we even with pictures to guide the reader, all this we can be attributed to the "user experience".

"content is king"

chain is now become the endorsement of Shanghai Longfeng, many people just know when it comes to Shanghai dragon dead chain, not to say whether this is true or not. (PS: wrong) we do Shanghai dragon, to the purpose of the chain is that we need to let our website more famous, but also the optimization of Shanghai dragon still want to improve the user experience, the real Shanghai dragon still need from the starting station.

to the original small blog address: 贵族宝贝xccsu贵族宝贝

"the chain for emperor"

No matter what



some time ago in thinking, we need for our blog / website to give a meaning of existence, after things consulted many predecessors also finally have the answer, and then a problem worth our thinking is our ultimate goal: the site where? Consider carefully, think that the user experience, no matter what can be attributed to the above.

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