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Wonderful encounter grilled a steak in the process of website optimization

In 1,

chestnuts to a web site to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, when the company please compare niubable man a legend in Shanghai Longfeng optimization consultants, we once several colleagues gathered together to chat to discuss recent work, some friends to love Shanghai webmaster the content of real-time update information push function to realize the love of Shanghai, solve the website recently included difficult problem. At that time we agree when they do so, known as the great Shanghai dragon optimization consultant said that something useless, do not need to do, spend more time point of the chain is solved.

, 3 different innocent Chestnut: I think it is not only one person I have such wonderful experience, some bosses think Shanghai is doing the Dragon black hat, can quickly let the website ranking are included, some bosses think to do Shanghai Longfeng people what things will move? Including the construction site write code to do programming, operation, planning, marketing, computer maintenance and computer related content information will, it is to bring the Shanghai dragon myth, the Shanghai dragon ER as day >

website optimization Shanghai dragon people, often encounter some wonderful people and things? For those wonderful people and things, how do you handle it? Today ah Shanghai dragon to share those wonderful things to optimize meet on the shop in the optimization process and everyone, those who let you know people.

For most

because he is the special advisor to optimize the boss please, you know this is an idiot, but due to the boss’s face with the approval of the. Not long after, included in the site or on a treadmill, included not, website ranking effect is still so bad? The man actually have no shame when the boss’s face, to say, I love Shanghai station first proposed that the updated information push love Shanghai included, so as to solve the website included as soon as possible. Can you fight against one, now, not included in the site, the site keywords ranking does not go on. If the time can take foul circumstances, do not know how many people will be issued a "angry roar" at that time, it should be a sentence of "shameless people, what things are right".

2, Shanghai chestnut love Links snapshot will affect the weight of the site? It is a big company hired a senior consultant of Shanghai Dragon said, then when they face, the site of the Shanghai open love also explained that the snapshot closely reasoned and well argued at the time I think, this guy is how to mix the Shanghai dragon senior consultant, is not my boss’s brother-in-law. Or other relatives? Usually in front of the leading right to bow and scrape, unexpectedly run office manager. Actually think carefully, this society is really sucks ah, some people’s life hard hard work, it is just an ordinary clerk, some people do not need to understand the truth in life too much, as long as you know some basic fur can climb to the top of the very high. The same work, but have a different life.

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