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The three common forms of the chain

The construction of the

text and hyperlinks in the form, but can not click to jump to the corresponding page link, which is unable to click on URL.

anchor text is a keyword embedded on a link, called anchor text, referred to as the anchor text.

function: weight of hyperlink can enhance a URL, to enhance the effectiveness of ranking.

: with common leads and common appear, but also the future of Shanghai dragon of pure text has attracted more and more attention in the future, so the effect is still considerable.

first forms: anchor text

hyperlink is clicked on a link to jump to the corresponding page links, called hyperlinks.

second forms: hyperlink

third forms: text

: anchor text can improve the keywords on the URL ranking.

chain is different from within the chain, the chain can be deployed randomly in their web site, but the chain, the chain need to be deployed on the other site, so the chain has been a lot of constraints and is not controllable, and also forms the chain within the chain form no more below to look at the simple form of the chain:

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