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The love of Shanghai know drainage method case

I speak here today is not to tell love Shanghai know how important, how big role, do not tell you how to answer, I want to say is how to love in Shanghai knew that drainage today.

features: a relatively common form of links is also more obvious, and can increase a high quality of the chain for the website to attract traffic is the best, but remove the probability is relatively large, the individual is not recommended.

Methods: the

two. Collection method (or jump method)

features: good drainage method, users click to enter the target site, drainage convenient and practical, but now love Shanghai know about this method is also relatively strict vetting, and your site must be included in the love of Shanghai. (love Shanghai know recently updated more frequently.

to everyone!

, a website with large




method: first target site added to love Shanghai love Shanghai collection, open platform and other large sites (through the collection, quizzes and other forms, similar intermediary) to answer questions, and add links to this large web sites in Shanghai love know figure, so that you can jump through the way we want in the user entered the place, can reach the aim of drainage.

search results

domain name address in front of your website and love Shanghai, 123, Sina, Sohu and other website, add your website (see case pictures, this is the answer I know, today a dragon boat festival gifts in the picture link by the domain name hao123 plus link).

due to the recent love Shanghai know more frequently lead to update the probability of linking method before be removed greatly increased, no matter how high your account level, even if you link up, the back will be like Shanghai removed, cannot exist for a long time, it has been removed from the Shanghai know love platform, with the help of love Shanghai knows the platform to attract traffic and hair of the chain is a serious blow, I am one person, after testing, found that now in love Shanghai know on the platform outside the chain is almost impossible, not worth the candle, but as a platform to attract traffic, it can still have a lot of use the place, here I will share his summary of the

features: the left link is relatively easy, the link is obvious (users click to open), but the user into the target site after 2 or 2 times more than the jump.

case in the picture link is through in Shanghai know love to add love Shanghai open platform links, and love Shanghai open platform links joined the target site, formed through the way of the popular attraction.

three. Love Shanghai drainage

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