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Two months experience online blog

Shanghai Longfeng update ranking to noble baby & Baidu (third pages)

then executed to adhere to success in this aspect of the "expert" s, but people tend to be successful under the cliff at the same time, the Shanghai dragon "demonized" and "physical" and "master" over the years, with the rise of the user experience, is a blow and a shout again Shanghai dragon er? Let the user at a glance, is undoubtedly the return of Shanghai dragon.

: the bounce rate for visitors has been a headache, the conclusion is all to the user experience.

website records:

from the site to the website structure, determines the importance of web content, presented here is still on the website operation, from the user location to the user experience, I believe this is the most difficult thing, perhaps innovation is really difficult, but the following is the innovation of imitative development.

with love Shanghai observed at the end of the period, the site included accounted for 70%, due to the recent update of the fluctuation impact site update is large, so love is being adjusted in Shanghai included, contents and links determines the website performance.


Built in June 18th,

data report:





with the Shanghai dragon "demonized" era, since June 18th, the course of 73 day and night, the way confirms the pace of development of Shanghai dragon search, we have been trying to let users understand the meaning of direct search, let the eyes ", and with the Shanghai dragon Er, the pursuit of" user Shanghai dragon "natural perfection way.

target word for "Dongguan Shanghai dragon": user attention: 200 (up and down), about the search quantity of 190W (love Shanghai), is expected to complete the optimization time: 2-3 months. In a month’s time for the site link, the accumulation of the rest of the time, continuous exposure, maintain and update the link, the original temporary fixed frequency: for a week two, is expected to complete the optimization time: 2-3 months.

index analysis:

Postscript: Figure

: reverse link part numerical deviation, specific error query love Shanghai.

key changeAt the beginning of August to the end of Dongguan


love Shanghai in July 11th through the observation period


June 20th official update promotion

July 27th Dongguan Shanghai dragon

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