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The website construction contents before you know the audience

this is the first question you must answer. Answer more specific details, the more you know, the better. If you answered, "any one netizen," so, you are in the world "big net". You may catch a lot of fish, but they will be what kind of fish you want? This is the understanding of what you want to contact the audience, because sooner or later come in handy.


first from your ideal client. How the age characteristics of their life? Where are they? What kind of occupation they? Most of these problems may be just a guess, but forcing you and your employees think, this is the development of enterprises in order to do this.

how see? There are some sites, such as QuantCast贵族宝贝, they rely on the demographic data tell you people often visit what website. Yes, this is normal, is anonymous, but it is a starting point.

what they desire?

you must be clear why the creation of content, that is to say, touch your audience, and what the audience’s taste.



? with who?

or you can ask them in person or on the internet. If you have established a customer database can poll by email, consider a brief survey, ask the customer five websites they visit most often. Even more specifically, they asked whether the use of social network content? If they subscribe to e-mail newsletters and blogs? Those simple questions, will let you quickly understand the customer when the Internet browsing sites that help to imagine what types of content for customers.

2. online to see what

do not have to carefully check the customer’s browsing history and search records, can also determine what types of websites they visit regularly.

They are in the how they use the Internet?

with all content >

1. do you want to try to contact

also, if you are going to contact some commercial customers, they will come to visit your site through the work unit in the computer, you should not use too many fancy plug-ins, that may be the company firewall intercept. In order to make the content simple and targeted.

they are on a desktop computer, notebook computer, iPad or mobile devices such as smart mobile phone or surfing the web? Please pay special attention to the last category. You may make "the coolest" video, but if your audience is mainly used in mobile Internet, they can access the


they want entertainment, information, or knowledge? Or three in one? Whether they as soon as possible to obtain needed information? Whether they have time to complete after reading your content, or just casually browse the left

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