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The rogue user experience

love Shanghai

Rogue user experience


so what is rogue user experience? The author is such a definition to it. Not all to the user as the criterion, forced users to transfer to the line of sight to the page, damage the user’s behavior and the first sense of the principle of the user experience are rogue user experience.

is certainly not here to love black Shanghai, we just take the love of Shanghai to make a clear case to illustrate what is rogue user experience.

now, the user experience is the priority among priorities, I also wrote articles about the user experience, but it is the general details. Because are talking about good user experience, and today I want to give a new mountain shortage, that is, rogue user experience. I don’t think about the word love Shanghai, love Shanghai in August 22, 2012 issued a statement that the update algorithm, to improve the user experience.


love Shanghai in search of Jay Chou, the entire page basically all love Shanghai products, and the interface is accounted for ninety percent, the user experience is not flattered me. I am not too much, because of careless in the vast sea to see one eye, never more than search.

the rogue users Internet experience be too numerous to enumerate. Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, the four major portals user experience only the Tencent has not been included in the rogue user experience, the other three basically can be defined as a rogue style, especially the Sohu to the NetEase, is simply a rogue rogue, sometimes even Sohu will automatically pop to the column page it makes me Speechless.


on the user experience, a lot of people are not the same. Give Zhou Hongyi 360 sense to say: "good user experience, must have the following three points: first, to exceed user expectations, can give users a surprise. Second, good user experience to be able to let the user be aware. Third, good user experience, is to start from the details, and throughout every detail."

Shanghai is China love search engine, and love Shanghai’s products with this advantage, play a life like once again test the user’s bottom line. Such as love Shanghai revision:

‘s products are very rogue, "

certainly love Shanghai since the algorithm update, really improve the user experience, but the user experience is a rogue type.

people can also love Shanghai search other words, I’m sure you search ten times, nine times is not what you want. Rogue user experience and love of Shanghai is too much, such as advertising, network alliance.

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