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With the function of distinguishing different types of external links

webmasters may also not understand what it means to me first, for example, in Soso Ask the chain, the chain will be made after the jump. Many have N years of experience in the old station will directly link the sentence of death, and claimed that this chain is completely useless, I dare not say that their view is wrong, after all I have no effect on this link related monitoring, but personally think that there are still certain effect. At least when using domain query, which is a straight.

The chain anchor text in the form of


2. link chain form.

about the construction of the chain will say no more, now the blog included the effect of declining, classified information is difficult to audit through the forum signature is limited and serious drop right, want to do a good job of external links is impossible, this time is to use some practical skills to change the difficult situation, the use of a good grasp of various external links the form is very important to improve the website weight and keywords ranking is.

4. jump external links

The chain

on pure text outside the chain is really some say, Public opinions are divergent., some say the effect is not obvious, some say no effect. Here I want to forcibly express their point of view, the role of external links is very large, I have a lot of good corporate website ranking analysis before they do the chain is pure text form, the website weight is very high very stable, so don’t let those who can do pure text outside chain forum. Not only to do, but also to do more.

The chain anchor text in the form of the

3. pure text formEffect of

this is a relatively high quality of the external links to external links, but it sounds very good, it is difficult to do, in addition to love Shanghai know that other inquiry platform can’t be outside the chain of this form, the blog can do, do not be included or white, the forum also can do, spend the first half a month upgrade integral in the forum. You don’t want to do. About this link to the benefits of the chain, the form of hyperlinks in the weight of the website is very helpful to improve. If the web page have keywords to do, so the chain will undoubtedly become the first choice of this form. The overall weight of the site high. The ranking will naturally come up.

keyword ranking role really should not be overlooked, many owners also released with the anchor text signature or articles in various forums, blog, I believe the effect is also very optimistic, but to remind you one, the key word anchor text on the Google ranking effect is very big, but in Shanghai and the effect of love not so obvious, even before someone said Google keywords ranking, the actual fight is the anchor text of the number, the effect is good, and love the Shanghai results in more finer points, ranking of keywords of the anchor text and can not play a decisive role, the number of overall weight love Shanghai more attention to websites and other external links.

The importance of

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