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A5 marketing love Shanghai recently will have a larger adjustment promotion


again when I return to the search page search for other keywords, found that the current page is automatically jump I just click on the web page.


in search of Xuzhou XX plastic surgery hospital brand keywords, click on the second link, the link to jump to the corresponding web page, but the magic phenomenon, when I return to Shanghai love the search box to search other keywords, find the page automatically jump to the site of a single page, this phenomenon can be predicted to love Shanghai there are new changes.


Figure 2:

recently love Shanghai may have a greater adjustment, need to pay attention to their standing in, please continue reading:




: I search a plastic surgery hospital of Xuzhou brand keywords, click on the second links, and then jump to the home page.

Second phenomena:

Figure 2:


: the first input second and click on the

The first kind of phenomenon:

from the two kinds of phenomenon, the recent love Shanghai promotion will have a greater change, may love Shanghai starting from the promotion will beautify the page and so on, in order to have the following phenomenon, the marketing team continue to observe in A5.

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A5 marketing team in search of a brain hospital brand keywords, before a few sites are love Shanghai, then we click on the second link, link to jump to the promotion of a single page, and then we return to the search box to search for love in Shanghai and other key words, the content on the page change, roughly look, find the search content of the current page into just click on the site of the station link, the other is the other sites love Shanghai promotion all disappear. The following figure:

written in the last:

Figure 1

return to continue the search, found that the contents of all become just web page content links

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