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Keywords the extension and tool of

for a web site selection is a lot of factors to consider, when we determine the core keywords, the next is the keyword expansion. On a slightly scale website, on dozens of key words is not enough, still need to find the number of keyword search is the core of the less the more keywords and classification or arranged to the home channel. Mining extended hundreds or even thousands of words are very common.


before we spoke a lot of keyword content, such as why to study how to choose keywords, keywords, keywords competition degree judgment, determine the core keywords and keyword expansion. For the above I enumerated relevant knowledge about key words, I believe we all understand. We as Shanghai dragon Er, good keywords is essential.

One of the early

website address: www.yd Shanghai dragon.Org

site of the people most likely to commit errors, a head shot to rush into a field of competition, skip, without the planned target keywords began to do. This often leads to two results, one is you want to do keyword ranking all how not to go, the two is they think good keywords ranking up but not what flow. So, to determine the appropriate keywords is the first step in Shanghai dragon, and is one of the essential steps.

3: the search, the search results page can be seen below the most relevant search, search engines are generally extended search suggestions and related search will appear in Google keyword tool, but the search suggestions and related search using the most simple, is the rapid development of good ideas.

extended keyword can through the following methods:

1: the most common tool of noble and love Shanghai baby keyword tool index. Shanghai Longfeng personnel can be given by Google keyword download to EXCEL files, and get all the Related words in EXCEL, delete and repeat keywords search volume is very low, according to the number of search ranking, get a certain amount of keywords search.

2: search suggestions in Shanghai or Google search box enter the core keywords, the search box will automatically display the keywords associated with this suggestion.

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