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Love the Shanghai index and encyclopedia began charging protection of brand word or money

recently love Shanghai index and love Shanghai encyclopedia began charging, before there is a large number of keywords is not love view of Shanghai index, there may be the keyword search volume is too small, there may be a love Shanghai deliberately shield some key words. And now love Shanghai intends to open such words, but the premise is to charge a fee, add a keyword, the annual fee is 50 yuan, that is to say after the renewals have to pay. Love is not only love Shanghai index, Shanghai enterprise Encyclopedia also start charging, every day is 9 piece of 5 hair 8, seems to be a lucky number. This love Shanghai has launched two new services, what is the purpose? It is said to be money, some people say it is in order to protect the brand word.


love Shanghai move can play a protective role of corporate brand word

is more and more mature love Shanghai is gradually "commercial"

for sex optimization of Shanghai friends, some people can be made through the brush this kind of keywords ranking, in order to increase the weight of the website. This person does not agree, love Shanghai official never admit the concept of what "love Shanghai weight". The so-called "Shanghai love weight" is the webmaster tools to evaluate by keywords ranking and flow, the whole weight actually has no direct relationship with the website. So I want to enhance the site overall weight by brush words, I am afraid it is impossible, love will certainly consider this Shanghai official. Create index and new words are limited, at present is everyone a year to buy a maximum of 100 words, visible love Shanghai without limit allows you to add new words.

love Shanghai enterprise encyclopedia, the enterprise must fill out the real information related, including: business license, corporate information, etc.. Every day for less than 10 dollars, the price looks very cheap, also more than 3000 dollars a year, but the number of enterprises on the Internet is very alarming. This calculation is not a small sum of income sources, love Shanghai to the "commercial" is what makes sense of love, Shanghai’s main profit model is bidding, of course the customer sources are basically small and medium sized enterprises. But love Shanghai blindly in "quanqian", it was a bit too extreme, the rapid rise of the 360 search for love Shanghai Alexander, to retain more ordinary users. Shanghai love >

no ground for blame of small and medium-sized enterprises are not many, there are too many to count on the Internet in the small and medium-sized enterprises, is also involved in almost all industries and fields. But sales of the same product enterprises very much, for example: Sales of "shotblastin machine" this product in the mechanical line, for this keyword, there is a corporate brand word. But if the keywords in front with the name of the enterprise, this is the one and only the word, because of the emergence of the same enterprise name not allowed in an industry. A similar combination of keywords that companies can buy love to Shanghai, 50 yuan price is very cheap. But the long tail word search volume will be very few, almost no what users will go to search this word.

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