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A good website optimization to care about what elements

1. One of the first elements of the website optimization we have to focus on is the content of the website, we optimize the website, but the website is in the content of the web site. So the content of the website is the primary cause of our attention. We optimize the website is to attract more people to our website. To accept our website products and services. So what makes these users accept and love our website. This requires our website with rich content. The content of the web site to meet the requirements of users, to help users from our website to learn knowledge they don’t know. Or let them learn more knowledge and service. If the empty sites do, without any useful substantive things, then it will not have a good user conversion rate, even with very high traffic, it is there will be a high bounce rate. So the content of the web site to do useful and beneficial. Secondly, the content of the website also regularly updated, this website will be full of vitality, every day will have more customers to visit. They naturally live search engines love.

website optimization is to do the enemy, we in the optimization of the web site, we should first know the face is a what kind of website, how can we optimize to achieve higher results, get more traffic, and higher weight. If we are on our face and how to optimize the site are absolutely ignorant of imaginary, so feel free to do so, naturally not also may not have good results. We all know that a fruit of the fruit of the management, the result is to get a good harvest, let the fruit with more fruit. So he knows how to better to optimize the fruit tree, he knew what time watering, fertilization, pruning, spraying what time. Also, we do website optimization need to understand in order to achieve more traffic and higher weights, we should face up to optimize what elements. So what we do in Shanghai dragon to care about what elements? So long to do site optimization, the optimization of a web site to do what I think must have what elements do, to introduce you to the total lack of statements of a school welcome Paizhuan proposal.


The content of the web site

2. website. The site is to have a core, even if the production.

is an excellent website optimization to ER Shanghai Longfeng for those concerned about optimization of the elements? Perhaps at the beginning of the website optimization, feel to this strange field at a loss, but after a period of time, we should understand the key elements of the website optimization to face those it, if at the moment, you still mimihuhu, don’t know what to do website optimization, you also feel bad, so at a loss, to optimize a website yunliwuli, imagine your website optimization result is not good, traffic and weight would not be a compliment. Then we these website optimization Shanghai dragon, in the face of website optimization, to those who care about


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