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shlf1314 Adsense Western Union fast collect all the stepsWell known American angel investors list 30

Customer Relationship Management CRM is one of the most commonly used one kind of software enterprises, the field still has the potential to be excavated. This kind of software is currently only completed mail list management functions, and the future of this kind of software should help enterprises to better off and on

But 6. more Most of the

3, the amount of payment: accurate to the decimal point after two

famous Internet experts MarcAndreessen has pointed out that the traditional newspaper is currently facing difficulties, the problem is the organizational structure of them makes them in the face of competitors is weak. The Internet news has undergone tremendous change, PerezHilton and TechCrunch news represents a trend in the future, while Reddit and Digg are another. This field has just started.

2, remittance control number: MTCN

second, login account at the end of each month: my account – payment history,

enterprises, IT departments are expensive bottleneck. However, with the advent of the Wufoo and IT outsourcing services, making enterprise marketing department only takes a short time to complete the form of the internet. Enterprise IT departments and many other work to be done, these outsourcing work will bring huge business opportunities.

fifth, with their ID card and the above data to the post office, Ningbo friends can go to the east entrance post office, the speed is still fast!

shlf1314 Adsense remember last won the money, the Drunken Beauty gold zmking or dumpster in November 2006, but it took me nearly 2 years to earn 123.17 yuan.

in order to let me like the rookie can take less detours, as soon as possible to get their first money, special collection on the West Union fast some information, and we hope to help you a little bit,

1. to solve the copyright disputeThe music copyright lawsuit filed by SONY

3. news

4. enterprise IT outsourcing

in many cases, users want to oversimplify Internet browsing. For example, the elderly and children do not need to complete the Internet, they just want to share photos or communication etc.. Digital photo frame and Firefox embodies this idea, so in the future if there is similar creative

, but still very happy, after all, is the first money earned on the Internet, ha ha, although less,

first, first set up your own shlf1314 account: my account — payment details — payment to Western Union

spent the first 1 months for the bank for collection, and later received a phone call, said the money has been received, to the bank, but the bank told me to save a month to take, no way, do not agree, it means that after a month without a penny.


2. simplified view

softwareA lot of software


and I spent a total time of nearly 2 months to get the poor money


! !

!When shlf1314

and universal file sharing software not only to the development of an obstacle, also destroyed their business model. The current situation is not the final solution. In addition to music, the film industry in the future will also face similar problems.

observation of the development of the Internet cannot do without the guidance of accelerating VC angel investment to grow, how to seize the investment mentality to do the integration of venture capital is the entrepreneur problem. The best way to realize the value of that first by VC, so the 30 are willing to invest in ideas have been published every day of the American translation of the author of the Internet well-known angel investors in the blog. The U.S. venture capital firm YCombinator partners, well-known angel investors PaulGraham, the author, first revealed the 30 creative YCombinator is willing to invest. His attitude probably represents a general view of the Silicon Valley venture capital institutions.

enterprise software vendors are selling now are very bad, but the price is expensive. They maintain their position through a certain degree of monopoly. However, the software industry is always changing. Entrepreneurship can be from small companies to start writing software.

, now, shlf1314 finally opened the Western Union Station, I also changed, the blog also built a long – standing property housing network, and I also reported the mentality to try to choose this mode of payment, but not long after, Western Union issued a memo. But I still silly rookie, thought that the Western Union is through the post office to send the bill to be charged, so silly, half a month, not wait until the bill was time to sh419 in the network not only to find the original, Western Union does not need the bill, go directly to the post office receive it, O a _ U O


third, click on the "payment has been issued" as shown above, as follows:

fourth, take a pen and record the following data:


1, shlf1314 address: that is, remittance information.

had opened western union, only through the clean collection! Think of it is a "trouble".

5. enterprise 2.0

CRM software

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