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sh419 acquisition network red from the media Li Jiaoshou but also after 90 founder dug vice preside

recently doing thousands of webmaster Baotuan project, after all, now is not alone in the era of innovation, cooperation, mutual benefit, profit sharing, circle of people to share is the trend. On the evening of 13, we talked together and talked about the current situation. Some of the friends, including the channel Zhu Weikun, shared their growth. The guardian was supposed to write an article yesterday to record it, but eventually it was the same with laziness. 15, the station in a row to see the general manager of Chongqing Zhuo 18 years old an entrepreneurial presentation, naturally write this article.

two: you must create opportunities to start an Internet business.

comments: if everyone reaches his level, what will happen? As far as I know, my friend Zhu Weikun has ten computers at home, at least five or more every day. Believe this, let us think.

hopes to combine the artificial intelligence and the data based on the theoretical laws and make a really useful tool for inspiring creativity and generating solutions."

"in the future I will share my thoughts and opinions with this public number, and with the support of data sources, the new analysis will become more rigorous and scientific in the future."."

is the example of Zhu Weikun, a friend. We see Kun elder brother, in fact the family condition is also good, to be a soldier for several years. After returning, he could have found a good job under the arrangement of his parents, but he did not. For half a year, eating and drinking is beside the computer. What are you doing? Playing games? More than half a year, studying beside the computer, making sure the network is the way. Then on the Internet dished out "real name network marketing" this trump card. In 2010, it received 1 million venture capital and 5 million venture capital in 2013. At present, the Department of real name network marketing at least in the circle, or has been recognized by many friends, channel Consulting Co., Ltd. also under the organization to participate in cooperation online.

in order to maintain the objective and independent views, after the acquisition, "Li Jiaoshou" public number is still operated by Li Jing personal.

a lot of people are surprised at the choice of "Li Man", which seems to be not a conventional way of "content web red". In this regard, Li Jiaoshou explained in his own tweets, saying that the focus of energy on a difficult problem to solve, and that is what they really want to do. titanium Media Editor Hector Jing report

attached sh419 internal mail full text:

over the past two years, Li Jiaoshou is in the know and WeChat from the media sector quickly lit up a marketing network red, and its rigorous logic, unique methodology, has received a lot of fans attention.

network red from the media, "Li Jiaoshou" to go to vice president of sh419.


the average man misses the opportunity, the wise man takes the chance, and the wise man creates the opportunity. As a mere 95 year old partner, Cai Chun, Chongqing’s general manager, knows how to create opportunities. When I was in grade six, I went to the Internet bar to play games. However, I was infatuated with the website. On the first day, let the family with the computer, with his mother’s identity card opened the Taobao store, a monthly income of 3000 yuan. What we do in the thirteen or fourteen can imagine?. After graduating from junior high school, immediately to study technical training, learning during the three years, while working part-time. Chongqing is established after April 2013, and now it is >

Internet is a new industry, at least in the country only more than 10 years, and for Internet start-ups, only a few years. Although the current competition is still relatively large, but there are many opportunities. We are a group of Internet users who have no background and only backs. This may be our opportunity. Guardian with some friends exchange, dished out several views boast without shame, share with you.

sh419 senior vice president

December 29th, sh419 announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Beijing by Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the company founder, renowned marketing public "author Li Jingxie Lee beast team joined sh419, vice president.

Xiang Hailong in the letter said: "after joining the Li Jing team is mainly responsible for the advertising business, to explore and research methodology in marketing and product, the Li Jing report directly to me."

Abstract: sh419 senior vice president Xiang Hailong in the letter said: "after joining the Li Jing team is mainly responsible for the advertising business, to explore and research methodology in marketing and product, the Li Jing report directly to me."

Li Jing was born in 91 years, is a standard after 90. In the know almost, Li Jing fans amount to 50 thousand; while in the WeChat side, the number of reading articles can generally reach tens of thousands, or even one hundred thousand plus.

Li Jing wrote in a number of public articles, "information technology education" is dedicated to the research and development of intelligent tools and founded the company, created by his friends and Li Bowen, after being acquired by sh419 will remain an independent brand and independent operation, will focus on the use of academic research and artificial intelligence sh419 support, creativity, create solutions the tool does not involve the original search business.

entrepreneurship is a good word, at least in the public mind is a good word. And the Internet business is even more so. In the eyes of outsiders, we look at the computer every day, every day idle life, money on the clang came. The truth is cruel.

, everyone from sh419, Hello,

since 2014, "Li Jiaoshou" WeChat public number weekly issued an original high quality content, the highest single reading more than ten million. In February this year, the author Li Jing also start from copywriting, implementation of "marketing scientific", published e-book "Li Jiaoshou collection.".

1: if you want to succeed, you have to work harder.

is very pleased to be with you

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