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The free programs that make money are really getting smallerLocal classified information network P1

he asked me to do a classified information website to him, and put forward several kinds of color, also said to me 1000 yuan of money to let me teach him to do, and I also boasted that this year is not bad money, pure drinking are not on the wall.

"well, as a game promoter," little Li Dao.

Oh, that time how many memorable things, pure thought, vibrant youth, happy laughter, a year spent similar, each year is different". Former classmates and friends had gone, the Yi River is already bustling around! I often at night time alone to open the , make a pot of tea, and the old friends talk to be in full swing.

no way ah, I grew up is a miser, but the miser belongs to very timid, after all are brothers, not so much, meaning on the line, if later he found I deceive him, that’s not bad, my face will not see the people. So I only accept 300 dollars, then buy 3 sets of Jilin information network program from A5, who sold 50 yuan a set of the A5 forum, 3 I spent 120 yuan to cut down, and then bought a 1G ASP host, the monthly purchase.

"stop and stop", he finished, I interrupted him, "Li ah, listen to elder brother a advise, do some work, and that can not do, oh, elder brother before also…"

for free items, everybody in the 08 year can do a good job, then free Wangzhuan PTC, although in addition to NeoBux, click on the other projects are not seconds to pay, but there are a lot of friends to do the full of sound and colour. Until 09 years later, six months, free has entered the trough. Let all make friends blow, and many webmaster turn to other fields. Some people continue to do research projects, because it’s good reputation, as long as there is offline, it is worth doing, and also a lot of income. Some people turn to investment, such as some funds and foreign exchange speculation, etc., the risk is great, but do a good income more.


if the story doesn’t happen to me, I probably won’t believe it. I started from the official website already two years ago, before hanging all kinds of League advertising, live in fear of the day, afraid of which day if the union is not happy, sealed our number, is not lost the wife and lose money?. I remember when I was in school, I began to start the website, because it was a closed County town, I pulled a lot of business, every month there are one thousand or two thousand yuan of income, more than the school teachers. So I feel like I’m full of life at that time,

Oh, no problem, I rushed two brothers relationship, I will put my years of experience to your website, hope after a pass before you can solve the food and clothing, to add some less chaos "I told him a joke! Then I started asking about his latest situation" doing what? "Because I know he has been squatting at home

give up is not a good way out, I believe many webmaster will not easily give up, since choose to go network, then have to go on well. How to stick to? Those free Wangzhuan can’t do, what? This is that, first, continue to insist on doing their own website promotion, get a steady flow in order to make money, temporarily not to find free items.


we have to do is to insist on development site, continue to promote, find more downline, accumulate more offline resources, several free items can of course continue to recommend to do, such as NEOBUX and some survey sites.


now free Wangzhuan project, click only then two or three to do, and click on the score has also been very low, hang up are abandoned, hanging enough electricity, although the investigation credibility, but if there is no resources, not to promote, to a year to be paid. Now owners of resources, but also ran to the HYIP, forced by these projects, the webmaster has to maintain their income, from free to investment, may not give their online money to bring the dream of spring. Since the click can not be done, do not pay up, want to do the investigation and no offline resources, what should we do? Give up Wangzhuan or continue to adhere to the

just a few days ago, my friend, Xiao Li, suddenly called and asked, "is it difficult to make a website? Can you teach me?"

"yes, don’t look down on my brother. I’m making more than 4000 for a month as a game promoter." he interrupted me this time, but it was my turn. Xiao Li and his brother are game fans, what games have played, the home computer does not shut down for 24 hours, a machine, 3 fans, as well as his home card, there are several shoes, boxes so much. I didn’t expect this guy to make a fortune here.

free Wangzhuan project, that is to say you can join some profitable investment projects, it is the novice favorites, such as the PTC click on the station, hook, investigation, coding and so on can be free to join, members do not invest a penny can do these projects, then in revenue. But the free Wangzhuan project to do is less and less, adding the number of a lot less, because the project income is less and less, so we have to turn to invest in projects.

flow rate after looking for some feasible ways to make money, such as the investment project is also an option, although with a risk, but it also can bring wealth for us, as long as you are careful to find, I believe you will be harvested, as long as the network, so Wangzhuan will not disappear, either free of charge or investment, have the potential of development, seize the opportunity. This article is motivated by: 668wzw>

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