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Yiqifa 400 lucky to win free Ha 7Why can cattle market Yu Dunde because they pay more tuition

2004, the 23 year old Yu Dunde joined the six or seven person startup bokee now known as blog: Chinese, served as technical director, responsible for products and technology, witnessing the rise of Web2.0. The ups and downs of the blog also tell Yu Dunde, "the entrepreneurial business model should be unitary, and it is important to make a business solid."." One of the important reasons for this is the way cattle net today shengengxizuo online travel products. Yu Dunde said, only travel routes reservations, do deep penetration is a success.

Tuniu A year after the

for the Dunde, do early is not strange thing. As early as in Southeast University during the reading, in duright school website "pioneer net" for a long time, when he met Yan Haifeng and now with the COO partner. "During school, in fact, very frustrating, but also made some entrepreneurial attempts, but they are not very successful; at that time can not talk about entrepreneurship, but can understand that money is not an easy thing."." So, in duright when it realized that the early start will be a coin spent breaking in half the importance.

is listed on NASDAQ tonight! As 80 entrepreneurs, tuniu network founder Yu Dunde was just 30 years old, who in 2011 was named "under the age of 30 years, the upstart entrepreneurs tuniu to cooperate with Ctrip, eLong, Daniel and competition, and to achieve profitability, since listing, where Party secrets from his growth? Experience that a few years of entrepreneurial state review Yu Dunde start at the beginning, why the way cattle can have today, because then he bet China tourism market size of 1 trillion, and he also benefited from the participation and founded 5 Internet Co, a way to pay the tuition".

because he loves to do the website, he wants to do something in this field. And because he likes traveling, he sees more opportunities in this market. So, in duright business began from tourism website. In 2006, he was 25 years old, with several partners to set up a travel product, e-commerce website, cattle road network, sold the tour route. The annual growth rate of the website is very good, up to 300%; in 2010, the company’s annual sales performance has been close to 400 million yuan, this year, he was 29 years old.

, duright added another start-up Parenting Network as CTO. The experience on this website also made him have a deeper understanding of the industry website. Although do help Parenting Network Industry Web site first, but Yu Dunde has always felt that with parenting young mothers are inextricably linked to the industry, should not be the ultimate ownership of the seven feet tall, he hopes to show their love in the industry.

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"in the process of entrepreneurship, in fact, a lot of tuition fees, tuition fees, the more you learn."." Yu Dunde said half jokingly. After graduation, this experience made him realize "class >"

pay tuition: early start, you know a penny broke into two, spend

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