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How to apply e commerce of small and medium sized enterprisesGarbage stations can also earn money to

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

is to choose keywords, May day, clove community, 97sese, XX film and the like. A lot of, you will SEO you can create tens of thousands of IP a month after the garbage navigation is not a problem, is to see personal money, advertising does not fly is your thing, the flow is not afraid of making no money


hey, recently appeared in 2008, a lot of garbage navigation Oh, is to do traffic exchange, porn SEO horse ah, ah Oh, pop, floating ads everywhere that is, than the garbage garbage that is also good, I get that garbage garbage not the future of the navigation, but there is no future before the map it

hey, Hello, I’m new 38 pigs, recently learned to do the first 38 sites, and the pig love on the website, called the 38 pigs, the address I temporarily not to write out, lest I work in just ways of AD, so I will secretly tell you, oh

e-commerce is a great advantage is that it is not only suitable for large enterprises to use, but also for many small and medium enterprises are very favorable. Compared with large enterprises, the manpower, financial resources and information technology strength of small and medium-sized enterprises are weak, and how to use e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises is a new topic worthy of study.

because e-commerce is a complex system engineering, so it will be used in many new technologies, but the most important thing is the following: electronic data interchange EDI, e-mail, Internet, barcode, WorldWideWeb, product data exchange and spreadsheets.

1. of the global market

2. market supply chain

provides design and engineering services requirements for suppliers will increase; manufacturers will be more outsourcing non core business; customers will need more electronic communication for orders, billing and other business, when customers have this requirement, and this will have a big impact on the supply chain; customers will ask their the suppliers to provide more services such as inventory management, data warehouse and order management; manufacturers will continue to reduce the total number of suppliers; between companies in the supply chain will be more closely linked.


novice go to register a corn, preferably COM or foreign corn, rent a speed up not that strict space for exchange programs, such as 38zhu type, back without WWW, want to take up, can the editor will delete ah, can exchange it, instead of after you can open station, it is very simple, the monthly income of tens of thousands is not a dream, the reality is

navigation flowAfter the

after you do dumpster money can get traffic at your normal station, take the money at your normal station, as long as you stick to it, a good location, are not afraid of success, o ` ` don’t speak well you scold me, okay, Fu Rong people called sister is famous, I to learn with her,


well, you can go to the station to improve navigation station to apply for link exchange flow, the recent fire GJJ, Bibi Road, 38 pig ah, hee hee, which can exchange the exchange, oh, one thousand or two thousand is no problem, after all, only a few can exchange a lot of navigation, navigation Oh, those are not small

is not the first time I write the article, is my first Oh, if you feel bad you scold me hit me against me, as long as it can bring happiness to you I would like to say: Oh, well, how do I earn 3W trash, do not watch expert you threw the dead

OK, I will stop here, how to look like to chat with people in the statement, threw the dead, oh, all primary school did not play a good foundation, junior middle school primary school based learning is not good, graduated from junior high school did not test well, to me, I, everyone can not understand this language, that’s it 30 thousand, more than a month to earn

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