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21 practical tricks to double your Adsense incomeComparison and analysis of shlf1314 and sh419 biddi

9 advertising position is very important. Ads should be placed on top of the page so that readers can see without pulling the scroll bar, which will increase the click through rate of advertisements.

10 high quality ad position: the top of the left sidebar and the top of a single page. Try using ads like this: use the link unit at the top of the left sidebar to put 250× in the article on the left or right; 250 or 336× 280 rectangular text and picture advertising units.

300× 250 medium rectangle

these are the best advertising units that will increase your advertising revenue.

      sh419 as the domestic leading engine and powerful network brand, its bidding products in advertising effects have good reputation. In search engine advertising is well deserved boss, a very wide range of users.

– shlf1314_ad_section_start –

      sh419 " claimed to be the most understand Chinese; " search engine; but for many small and medium enterprises sh419 an obvious lack of it is the price of many keywords are relatively expensive " ", hits many enterprises do not have the economic strength to bear this level of keyword. Some enterprises even say that every day you can spend 200 to 300 yuan, although the effect has, but the cost of investment is still lacking.

Label。 More information can be read on how to insert an ad unit on the left or right of the article.

more information can be found here. Section positioning will increase advertising relevance and click through rate.

12 uses the preview of this AdSense unit tool, which allows you to preview all ads that will appear on your web page and help to resist irrelevant advertising.

14 study your keywords and lock the ads on these keywords. >

8 uses section positioning to obtain web related ads. The section location code is provided by shlf1314 to enable its crawler to provide relevant advertising to your web page. Use the following simple section location code on each page:


– shlf1314_ad_section_start weight=ignore –

      unintentionally for users

      shlf1314 Adsense advertising, advertising is to expand the reach of target customers, but some service providers to join in order to increase the income, do not hesitate to take despicable means using a variety of methods, a large number of clicks advertising clients, resulting in a large number of invalid clicks. Since there is a maximum click value per day, the advertisement will not be displayed that day as soon as the amount is completed.

11 boycott cheap and irrelevant advertising. Use the competitive advertising filter to filter the ads, which need to be studied before filtering. Sometimes the same advertisement sells for $0.01 in this place, but it may cost another $1 in another place.

you need to locate the content

250× 250 square

      the right side of shlf1314 PPC keyword has a strong pertinence, and is charged per click, and the ranking is not merely for but a quality score and also decided to offer. Generally speaking, the cost performance is relatively high.

      2; sh419 bidding:

336× 280 large rectangle

      at present, small and medium enterprises to promote network expectations are mainly to obtain more potential customers, in order to increase corporate profits for the ultimate goal. In general, the evaluation of the effect is mainly in four aspects: 1, such as website visits increased; 2, the number of online users increased; 3, to promote the growth of offline sales; 4, direct sales.

– shlf1314_ad_section_end –

13 advertising around to leave a little more space. There is a certain amount of space left in the content of the page, and advertising is no exception.

more than 7 uses text ads and less picture ads. Because the text ads will provide more readers interested in advertising. I suggest the following ad unit that allows both text ads and picture ads:

      but shlf1314 still exist many disadvantages in Chinese localization process, China problems such as user habits make it by other Chinese search engine out, the current use of shlf1314 Internet users began to decline, so the effect of marketing gradually fade.

if you want the irrelevant content to be ignored, you can use the following code:

160× 600 wide skyscraper

      for this demand, the current market has the following main promotion mode, in this comparison, good and bad features for reference.

      1; shlf1314 ADWORDS:

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