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What mindset are you using to start your businessTechCrunchFacebook can give up advertising and make

in the process of communication with Miss Gao, she said that a man with a 2-year-old child, the pressure of life makes her very eager to have a lot of friends, like Miss Gao to see others succeed, want to replicate their success, in fact all of the resources and capabilities are not the same, and the she said the Guangzhou girl is very clear how business and marketing products, it is clear to the whole operation process, is also very understanding of customer needs, but Miss Gao of the whole process are not clear, they that customer demand is not clear, so not a simple way to put the sale of copy can be successful, success is the need to accumulate.

it may be said, that is tell some fantastic tales. A month ago, Facebook’s profit outlook was not optimistic because its users were shifting from PC to mobile devices. For PC users, each page of Facebook can display 7 ads and earn 30% revenue from the game payment. Many industry insiders believe that to get revenue from mobile devices, providing more advertising is the only solution.


work frustrated

on Thursday, Facebook launched mobile social e-commerce service Gifts, which allows users to buy goods and send them to friends within the website. Facebook receives a specific percentage of revenue from each transaction, thereby adding a new source of revenue.

the following article is summarized as follows:

business is a very literary work, like literary and artistic ideal, a lot of people who have no money to engage in, and then expect to attract a lot of a person with breadth of vision your client to support their artistic achievements, and then converted into revenue. So if you want to start a business, first of all, you have to have the mentality of an artist, you can bear hardships, starve, can bear all kinds of mental pressure, and most importantly, you can sacrifice for art.

wants to copy other people’s success

many ad networks will cause interference to the user, and Facebook advertising network allows advertisers to target users by gender, age, address, work experience, hobbies, friends and application activities to provide information users need ad. This means getting higher revenues without more advertising.

Facebook but quick test mobile ad network in Zynga first, a few weeks ago and allows advertisers to use their data in non Facebook mobile advertising network and application Facebook mobile ad network to provide accurate advertising.


through these products, Facebook has proved that there are second ways to obtain revenue.

this attitude of business consulting I received the most, usually people are eager to, want to make money easily, lying can make money, but also earn money not well, talk about WeChat do what products can make money, the key is to make money and not too hard, I thought there is such a good thing would have done, but also turn you? So why do Wangzhuan online courses is so hot, because too many such anxious people, training in Wangzhuan saying that entrepreneurs who want to buy something than to more people, so entrepreneurs earn money is the best. If you really want to start a business, ask yourself, are you really ready? Do you know what entrepreneurship means or is it just the result of a fever?.


impatient for success,

Gifts analyzes information about users who buy gifts from their friends. If a user is ready to present a gift to a friend who is interested in and interested in the same friend, Facebook can recommend them. The more Facebook knows, the more


technology blog TechCrunch reported the products engaged in social science and technology reporter Josie · Considine Josh Constine on Sunday published an article that the mobile ad network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can not flow through the data to increase revenue. This means that perhaps one day the number of ads on Facebook will tend to zero.

, this is WeChat netizen "Miss Gao" hair information: Mr. Liu, hello. I saw you many articles today, feeling a little entrepreneurial goal, I registered the WeChat public platform today, want to do product sales in WeChat, but do not know how to do? Very confused, please teacher Liu for pointing! My WeChat there is a Guangzhou girl brand luxury, do it success, to have sent a lot of orders every day, money, so I read your article, I also want to do such a

‘s original approach: to gain revenue through the amount of time users spend on websites and applications. Second ways: use a large amount of user data to obtain revenue.

this time received a lot of entrepreneurs sent the information, some business is better for the family, there is hope to start to send big money, some work for a long time when the boss would like to experience the feeling, some want to do a career, no matter how your entrepreneurial mindset will affect you play, and even affect your every decision, let’s discuss every kind of entrepreneurial mindset.

Facebook has to show more ads to get more revenue, right? Or at least no need to do that. If you can expand the mobile advertising network and Gifts e-commerce products, Facebook can rely on data rather than traffic to improve revenue.

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