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SnapChat is on sale next year and is now doing the preparationsThe blog promotion also is to survive

5, can not be ignored, know answer platform cited high-quality users

in short, every Taobao promotion methods can make money, the key is to make every detail

the more blogs, the better. We can use it to boost a blog or reduce the loss of a blog. Over time, the blog weight will be higher and higher, which will help the search engine import traffic.

2, do blog optimization,

4, build blog group, maximize the benefits of

blog is easy to use, very strong, but the chances of being blocked are also many, and most of them are blocked because of the strong nature of advertising. This must grasp, believe that there is harvest, water is the survival of

is currently on the eve of the Snap listing, the company in terms of financial figures and ownership structure, have done some positive work on their own.

answer and promote products similar questions, the answer as far as possible intact, and then join the Bowen link, which can bring a lot of potential consumers.

There are many

burn the company behind Snapchat and be ready to go public next year.


1, blog select

, based on information obtained by The, Information and Bloomberg, Snap recently issued a new group of C shares, each of which has the right to vote on ten common shares of C. After the issuance, the Snap founding team has a total of 89% voting rights, compared with about 45% of the voting rights previously.

blog head, personal data must be perfect, you can indirectly improve the credibility of the blog. Blog try to choose some long tail keywords or product name long tail keywords, this is more conducive to ranking. It’s not recommended to choose highly competitive keywords because the weight of blogs is relatively low.

write Bowen must select key words, especially the title of the article, standing in the user’s point of view to think about the title, choose the title can also refer to, sh419 know the above problems. For the promotion of products, write more original soft Wen, to continue to update, so more convincing, feel more real. Soft text also carries on the necessary SEO title, keywords, keyword distribution, in the chain, contribute to keywords ranking.

3, original high-quality Bowen

, according to insider, this year, revenue is expected to reach $300 million due to an increase in Snap video advertising sales. However, according to TechCrunch Snap F round of financing obtained in May this year, data show that they last year only 59 million U.S. dollars in revenue.

Snapchat applications every day more than 10 billion times the number of video playback, and is widely considered the largest online video site YouTube, all video daily viewing times is 1 billion, with Snap less than 0.

free blogs Sina, NetEase, sh419, Sohu, templates and functions vary. Try to choose a template theme and product similar blog, so that users look more comfortable, will have the desire to buy. In addition, we should consider the choice of higher weight, more friendly search engine blog, we blog mainly rely on search engines import traffic, search engine friendly blog is conducive to ranking. Recommendation: Sina blog, blog bus

in addition to performance in the IPO before the substantial growth, Snap daily active users also rose a lot. At the end of 2015, 110 million people used Snap every day, up 50% year on year. Today, the daily number of Snap has reached 150 million.

‘s revenue jumped by 408% this year. In order to come up with a beautiful statement listed, Snap has given up "resolutely do not learn a collection of user privacy Internet advertising model, to plans to launch targeted advertising, advertising for a user according to the content of the information owners can watch, the accurate positioning of advertising.

2017, Snap optimistic estimates revenue will reach $1 billion.

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article source: Aunt daughter

Snap, founder of two, CEO Evan Spiegel and chief technology officer Bobby Murphy, in this round of additional shares, the company retains 74% of the control.

today’s news is that Snap is currently preparing IPO related materials and plans to submit a listing application to the US securities regulator at the end of this year or late March. They plan to raise $4 billion, seeking the company’s market capitalisation of $250-350.

Snap took the beautiful financial and operating figures can attract more investors, and they are ready to issue recently with "super voting" shares to the company founder, is to ensure that after the listing of the company to maintain control of the Snap.

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