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An outer circle of real Wangzhuan experience8 mistakes that are easy to make in the first year of en


answer: WeChat shake. this later says it’s amazing

: I bought a lot of ready-made real name Alipay and then through an examination after the completion of what can not only store shelves of goods.

who has done poineering work knows how hard it is to start a business. No one is omnipotent. In order to die young and die, it is best to find a co – Founder to share the work for you. Want to fight alone, no, founder too much or not?. Many people like to start a business with a friend, but there are too many people and you have fewer shares. For example, four friends start a business. If you share shares, you have only 25% of the shares before financing. The key is when differences of opinion, or when everyone is different, there will be cracks in the relationship, so there are many start-up companies have several co-founder at the beginning, and finally left one. Think of Facebook, Quora, Path, and Foursquare.

has very few people to start its own business, most of which depend on outside investment. But accepting someone else’s investment means that you can’t afford to spend money. Every investor you spend is supervising. Moreover, with investors, the rate of return will be reduced.



too early to seek media collaboration,

asked, "where did you get the flow from Taobao?"

frequent activities,


we tend to see the most successful startups glamorous appearance, but do not know the original founder of the heart of the struggle. Famous business incubator 500Startups founder Dave McClure will also feel entrepreneurial hardships. "

alone, or too many co founders,


if you are seeking is a media entrepreneur, it is best to ask yourself why you find them? Are you ready to face the media? What kind of articles can help you achieve your purpose? If the product and business model has not been determined, it is best not to go to the media, or die very miserably.


after these problems I found that he is with Taobao Taobao store and the effect is very good, but he said the present method has been Taobao fully blocked, he did N a lot of Taobao is a registered guest account, N stores and all new stores, doing so is not afraid of sealing. The letter should have done, students can try Taobao off.

asked, "where did you get the credit from Taobao?"

this friend started with Taobao customers, and I usually contact Taobao customers. Most of them have several ideas: 1, station group; 2, batch advertising such as space, BBS; 3, bidding. He said he had applied for dozens of Taobao customers shop every store to collect a lot of data and then described the baby, write some vivid Taobao links to change into the guest described in this way, he every day to more than a thousand dollars of income increase, and Taobao has not been frozen and successful now, because I’m on Taobao a guest have some understanding, I first thought he was bragging, then ask questions.

and he added a few groups, with video screen video experts in Wangzhuan colleagues, video 399 yuan / copies, apprentice 2000 yuan a month he took the 10 disciples, sold dozens of tutorials, sell something also in this process, more than

if you start your own money, you can explore and develop business models without investor pressure. Once you are self sufficient, there will be more chips to negotiate with investors later. If no one else in control of your company, you can retreat at any time, don’t worry finally wiped out.

: how do you apply for so many shops,

refuses to pay for his own business,

in order to make entrepreneurship way, here is a list of entrepreneurs to make a few mistakes, perhaps to inspire you, but some errors in some time is not wrong, but a person, from the project specific issues.

there are many webmaster do the purpose is to through the network, the website to make money, is what we call the network marketing, I think a lot of people will have such an idea, if do network marketing, we must first learn to do Wangzhuan, SEO, have a deep understanding of the network marketing the. But yesterday Ma Haixiang occasionally read an article that changed my mind. A friend said he deals in things recently, the friend will do belong to the system including the current stage in the University, and not SEO who is not a circle, but he said these things are pure combat Wangzhuan, let us a little cry, would let some of the so-called "network marketing" people laugh and cry.

," he said

some >

: how do you change the rate,

: I do disappear, credibility is the software brush rack, also was a shop that I improve reputation too fast. 1 months, 3 diamonds, that says later

answer: at the beginning of all links to the same shop, conversion rate is low, and then I changed to a single product on a single product, the effect is very good.

"entrepreneurship is a lot but little in return, there is a time for you to hide in the corner crying, not really to care about other things, no social life, there is not much chance with your family and friends. Your world revolves around entrepreneurship, and your heart almost breaks down and you have to pretend to be a nice person."

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