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2011 no end of war and peace in the world bordersDiscussion on the development of small websites

industry in fission, this will produce a difficult to break out of the bubble? Over the past year, e-commerce roller coaster market, the first to reflect the vulnerability of the internet. After the heat of the electric heat, and experienced the baptism of winter, behind the "light" of the great leap forward, but before the hot and cold, is more like being semi-finished ripening.

electricity providers to play "roller coaster", the Internet’s biggest bubble

every day the topic always focusing on templates and procedures, scanty operation topic discussion, which means that a considerable part of the owners are still struggling with the template, the pursuit of beautiful web interface and ignore the intrinsic value of the site, empty will focus too much to the contents of lead in the template. I think, the essence of the Internet is to obtain information platform, only your website has visitors need information, then your site is valuable, have vitality. Just having a nice interface and lacking the essence of content, such a website is just a decoration, it doesn’t make any sense.

Mr. Ma Yun said a word, I feel very good: simple is the best. Just imagine, when visitors come to your website through search engines or other ways, what you see is >

1: the vitality of the website depends on the location of the website and the train of thought of the operator.

7 group

three: function, the integration of too many procedures, resulting in the level of the site is not clear, the contents of confusion.

Internet in China has more than 10 years, during the birth of a lot of companies like Sina, Tencent, Alibaba and other famous sites, but most owners still stay in the state of a station to make ends meet, money to do. Here, I would like to make a brief analysis of the development of the website, please also correct the inadequacies.

focus too much on the template, coupled with time and geographical reasons, most of the owners choose to collect content for the web site to fill, and collected information because of the content of the same is very easy to search engine for plagiarism which lead to site is down right.

in the major electricity supplier name when wishful thinking to grab traffic, small electric struggle hard in the cracks. In Jingdong, where the customer LED integrated B2C platform gearing up for IPO, a small vertical B2C, such as a large warehouse, sago net, Amoy net, net, magpie love seventy-two snacks picky net is extremely high operating cost pressures and closure or transformation.

electricity supplier is not calm. Suning, Gome, BELLE, Metersbonwe and other traditional enterprises force electricity supplier Taobao department, the Department of Jingdong; and proprietary B2C platform in the vertical field of business over the price war; born less than two years group purchase network is "the devils, scuffle interpretation of the blue ocean year changed the Red Sea capital myth.

if the members of the national team ten years ago, the Internet is shlf1314, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Tencent, Alibaba, so worthy of sh419, Sina and 360 easy to become outstanding members of the current team of Chinese. They are playing a big role in e-commerce, mobile Internet, social media, video websites and open platforms, and constantly broaden their own industrial camp.

2011 is a special year for China’s Internet ecosystem.

group buying scale in no quality expansion. From the beginning of the 5000 Group buy battle competition, to the end of the collective downline and oligopoly pattern, buy also trapped into a "dead cycle"". Gao Peng network group purchase selling fake Tissot, "900 groups" Juankuan fled, 2 million 400 thousand 24 coupons arrears staff salaries, close the local station; handle net loss of 391 million, going to gamble on the overseas listing, but its not return……


competition is too intense, personal Adsense no matter how hard you can not compete with sina, Tencent, this does not explain. Gov generally have their own portal, although these web interface ugly, content is scarce, but as.Gov domain name born PR high, nothing doing better than your ranking. Is not to say that the website will certainly die, you just need to invest time, energy, capital is too large, and may therefore, the author suggests that the cast to waste, to give up the portal.

e-commerce has experienced the double dilemma of honesty and logistics, and has split the two camps in the camp of financing expansion and contraction operation. When the customer handles network listed in the United States have been stranded, as the capital chain tension, when seeking venture capital haven and the already listed all scorched by the flames, the city is satisfied that Mcglaughlin is not the "fame", the share price fell down nearly 90%, Mcglaughlin’s pain become a microcosm of the winter’s power.

this year, the "open" and "platform" construction has become a key competitive pack; this year, Chinese coincides with the WTO 10th anniversary, on the eve of China Internet industry this year, the "13 years" is a group of change, war and peace has become the main theme of the annual summary.

two: site positioning error.

now the webmaster is a large part in the portal site, the local portal majority, the main reason for the source program is easy to find, on the network a lot of CMS station program for more than 50% of portal website program, more popular with phpcms; PHP168; DEDE; Empire, the popularity of the open source program save the webmaster initial investment, rich door owners can pay the apartment layout template can be very easy to establish large sites like sina. As a result, the owners are flocking to follow up, and eventually lead to a million people in the county seat, there are several portals, but the amount of visits is less poor. Here I suggest that webmasters give up portals, for the following reasons.

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