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Community O2O platform in the next four directions top the creation of life scenes and the interve90

technology news Beijing time on January 16th evening news, recently aired on CCTV financial channel CCTV2 "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, there is a 90 "bar APP" entrepreneurial team, the program scene won the investment of RMB about 7000000 yuan intention, which means that by several 90 entrepreneurs set up in less than 5 months, the company valuation of more than ten million, causing the crowd hot. What is a what kind of team? Why can the vision of helping the investment mission to get the favor of us to find out?.

for the scene of life to create, we can generally be divided into five directions, namely, home security, neighborhood assistance, community life, family services, there is a scene of financial services.

O2O community is a long time to explore the industry, mainly because the community is a complicated place, but great opportunities seem to really build a very high viscosity of the platform is not so easy, but no matter what the starting point from the platform, the complexity of the community decided to think the following four points set up in Ping Taiwan, respectively is the scene, content, carrier and fusion, and the discussion is to create scenes of life support and intervention.


"APP bar" entrepreneurial team was invited to participate in the CCTV2 CCTV financial channel broadcast in December 2014 of the "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, they face the scene in the program is China top business leaders, but they are fearless, successful programs in the field was about 7000000 yuan RMB investment intention. And in the evening before going to Beijing while they travel to save thousands of dollars to try, founder Yang Fugui and Li Zhihao in Beijing to discuss how to save the cost of the company, if the drive to Beijing, 1.3 displacement charge tolls.

some time ago in the online heat transfer 90 entrepreneurs better than the slow fire, claiming to take 1 billion dollars to reward employees, is true only he knows. People think he is a good example after 90, but some of the same entrepreneurial 90, but he is too conceited". First of all, stand up to speak, it is "looking for bars" entrepreneurial team. "Find a bar" that "more than a good team too arrogant, mouth running train, to their own label affixed on behalf of the 90? We don’t think anyone can represent 90. His own company’s business situation we put aside, if a person is too arrogant and defiant, think 90 should learn from him, I think there should be a lot of people think he is purely in order to win the audience laugh. "If a person doesn’t know humility, he doesn’t know how to respect people, and how to get his employees to take care of you. Our company doesn’t allow such people to exist" – from the "bar APP" team,

in short, intelligent life is a kind of new intelligent Internet platform to create a way of life based on intelligent life can bring such scenes of life: through a mobile phone on the way home, home can drink fresh coffee, wash the hot bath, even the home temperature is adjusted according to personal preferences as soon as you enter the house, enjoy good. In the company can at any time in the field of housekeeping, the weekend online about several neighbors to play together, the family’s water and electricity is broken, take a picture with the phone, someone will fix it immediately. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of intelligent life, people have different views on intelligent life, but the expectation of intelligent life is the same: more comfortable, convenient, safer and healthier.

community O2O platform has to think of one of the four directions: life scene to build


we capture a scene: Mike came just decoration end vivaki Network Technology Co. Ltd. the new gray younger boy was still clean, do not think they are scavengers, they are a group of 90 entrepreneurs unite blood. After a few people together to clean up after the company’s core founder Li Zhihao and Yang Fugui into the office to discuss the work plan in the near future, standing on the 27 floor of the French window, and hand on Henry’s shoulders, Zhihao hands folded, they looked at so smug big city, eyes showing a great dream and the blood, see through their eyes is a competitor. It is worth mentioning that this group seems to be "a motley crew" young people, with just 5 months to do the valuation of the company ten million level, they have just started this group of 90 young people on the road is very long.

scene is refers to the people in the community life scene into the community from the door at home living every hour and moment there is no scenes of life, however, with the rapid popularization of intelligent products, as well as the rapid development of intelligent community, intelligent life scenes have come into our life.

home security, according to the house and the house outside distinction, is outside the access control system, at present there are many service providers to focus on the development of access control system using a mobile phone, you can open the door, while sharing a two-dimensional code to friends, friends can also by scanning the two-dimensional code into the community, to ensure the safety of residential area. The house is home security, when you’re at work or travel company, through the intelligent monitoring system to check the situation at home, if someone enters the system will automatically alarm, the first time you notice at the same time, the video will be saved, so that the police evidence, to ensure the safety of home.

neighborhood, restored to the village life scene, the neighborhood is very familiar, go and meet each other will say hello, greetings warm asked the city’s neighborhood will be reinforced concrete edifice, friendship is separated, but the relationship between neighbors still exists, or need a tool to break the reinforced cement, to re-establish the neighborhood, especially.


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