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Enterprise website promotion should go from here

the development of the Internet is obvious to all, as more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are now established, the birth of the enterprise station has become indispensable. As we all know, the website construction is to help enterprises on the network to effect publicity, and how to promote the enterprise has become a difficult problem. Of course, there are some enterprises will set the SEO network to promote such a post, but Baidu temper all know, occasionally smoke wind is a very normal thing, especially in the premise of Baidu big update algorithm under the enterprise website promotion

to decide on what path to follow?

last year, promotion of enterprise website is relatively simple, with on-line Baidu green, pomegranate and other algorithms, and a number of enterprise website began to come to an end. At the same time for now SEO promotion of such an industry, but also experienced a winter occupation, many webmaster feel to the website lose grip ability is deep for such a phenomenon is small. Take small make up industry, the original oxygen machine site is relatively easy to promote. But this year the situation has been completely changed, many of the web site is how to do is a bland appearance, is not under the is really a headache.

In fact, a new algorithm for the on-line

Baidu, small holdings are supportive, since the new algorithm on the line after the small obviously felt the chain work originally began to become simple. The original work is boring the chain construction is now no longer so much trouble, as long as every two days to write the original article hair will lead to a large amount of reproduced in a large source of news website, this will bring a large number of invisible links. What’s more, I’m surprised that Baidu’s original logo has brought benefits to this approach some time ago.

at the same time for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprise website, many people may feel that the original station pseudo original method in the current situation is not feasible, so this requires us to update in the daily website will need a lot of time and energy on the original content and user experience. In fact, for this point of view is not wrong, but for an enterprise website, just imitation and originality is not enough. Because the scope of an enterprise is limited, even if we go to the original editor, but basically the book or change, so we have to do more than just original. We first do, but analysis, we all know that Baidu spiders like new things, so we have to identify the gaps in the industry’s website. Take a small part of the industry, many of the sites concerned only with oxygen therapy, oxygen generator, how the knowledge of these things, but for now it no site for different products to the decomposition of the introduction, so this point is a very good breakthrough.

now, for network promotion, the important thing is not the lack of channels and knowledge, what is important is >

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