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Are you all original

is the first time I write this stuff, write well but also hope do not mind.

now, no matter what the station, are advocating originality, we do stand, if you say a collection will be called a garbage station, listening to this gives people feel very uncomfortable.

consider from a personal point of view, if a XinKai Railway Station, no traffic, no visibility, and then get some original, write your own, you write out thousands of information? Do a simple analogy, if I do is soft station, the first in the HTTP.:// sent a message, and then write the information in the copy and paste my soft station, then you stand this piece of information could be original? You do not know the answer is affirmative or negative, I personally feel should not forget it. Because this information has already been released at other stations. Whether it is this person to publish information on to other stations, or others to copy Admin5 collecting this information, the nature is the same, is a duplicate information, are not original, then I want to know your station is this much information, how much information is published to others and you do a simple modification. A new station information is copied, collected as a garbage station, then you stand there is no such information, then your station also admitted that it is garbage station,


collection station is not equal to the garbage station, a new station to the rapid increase of information, do not have to collect, are you using handwritten? Also please understand the difficulties of a new station. Stop talking about the garbage station.

I am a small station, Suifenhe information network   part of the news collection, other information original. Thank you for your guidance.

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