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Which is the direct drinking water of Shanghai Disney

drinking water safety issues, has been a hot topic of public concern! Now, Shanghai Disney park opened, for the majority of consumers have brought benefits, but in the scenic area of drinking water is how to ensure health? Which is the direct drinking water of Shanghai Disney park? Let’s find out.

16, the Shanghai Disney park officially opened, direct drinking water park is from Yum water industry strategic partner to groups, the park consists of 25 themed attractions of drinking water by all open can provide real-time monitoring of water quality, water purification equipment available at any time of the operation, water quality and maintenance requirements.

from Xiamen City, the first production of bottled water companies, to Xiamen the first to introduce the whole house water purification system to the enterprise, only one set of bottled water, bottled water, water purifier one-stop service enterprises, 20 years, always adhere to the "Yum good water" concept, to provide drinking water health service safe, rest assured, personalized for the customer.

from Beijing Olympic Games to Shanghai, World Expo, as the world’s largest central water purifier manufacturers have been winning the favor of customers. Yum water industry is working together to open the group, with the original DSR service model, to provide customers with high quality and healthy drinking water.

imports of aquatic products

may not be your best choice

In the face of the increasingly serious problem of water pollution, the most effective way to protect the water quality of the

is to install a reliable whole house water treatment system. China and Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries of the water quality is different, different types of pollutants are also different, blind superstition imported, often resulting in the use of water purification products after the installation of the embarrassing results.


can be opened in the R & D center analysis of water quality in the laboratory can make a comprehensive analysis of water samples collected in instrument analysis, is to fully understand the local water quality based on the first open to the whole house water purifier since 2001 launch of the acclaimed "the whole house water purifier, family health" concept the future direction of the industry lead more than ten years.

German robot

world-class automatic production line "artisan spirit" is the core of manufacturing can open, every new product launch will go through repeated and strict testing, analysis, adjustment, and after 6-12 months of practical test, before the market.

in the Shanghai Pudong area, open to have manufacturing base acres of modernization, more enormous amounts of money from Germany to introduce Chinese first KUKA robot, to create a world class water treatment core automatic production line. In addition, up to 100 domestic and international authoritative certification and patents, are recommended

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