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What is worth buying self cultivation of a forum shopping guide website

What is worth buying

users to the site affectionately known as "rapist Zhang aunt" (SMZDM evolved), although this nickname spoof ingredients, but this is my impression this time a few "normal" company. It does not subvert anything, but redefines what is "value" and changes the spending habits of a large number of people.

in the electricity supplier field, what is worth buying, from the initial creation on the rhythm and temperament of maverick, including its so far did not involve the "transaction" link. The electricity industry, if a company is not good at following the policy focus, catch the entrepreneurial story boom, very difficult to give a good price for himself in the capital market, money burning no resources to support you to amplify their voices and favourable activity, it is very difficult to get traffic and users, and users have no traffic how to finance the next round of money? But what is worth buying out of this vicious circle.

was founded six years ago, the company has been profitable from the beginning, while cautious expansion, and did not rely on capital, until the beginning of 2016 for the first time financing, the amount of one hundred million yuan. Inadvertently, the concept of what is worth buying has been popular, the evolution of "what is X" appeared in various market copy; many of the city’s emerging middle class consumer groups through the beginning of what is worth buying platform to participate in the major domestic electricity supplier led double eleven, 618, five Black Sea Amoy Shopping Festival; what is worth buying, launched the first public test and scouring the sea from the industry and the concept of imitation learning.

, industry insiders say, what is worth buying is the electricity industry’s carnivorous dinosaurs. It does not deal, small, but because of the forum style shopping guide precipitated a lot of quality content and core users, these two resources are all electronic business platform can not be underestimated strength. Such a "normal", what is the internal driving force? I and what is worth buying CEO that Xin talked about behavioral economics The Whole Earth Catelog, the Internet and the global trading system, online trading in. In order to facilitate reading, on the basis of not changing its original intention, I will adjust the content of that dialogue.

what’s worth buying, CEO Xin


talking about the company as a whole:

has been half past 2016, and we are doing well in every aspect of KPI. In addition to the existing business, there are at least three lines of business are in development, the second half will have continued to meet with you. At the beginning of July, scheduled to launch what is worth buying mobile version 7, with the new version of the update to expand more shopping category. Including the current on-line credit card channel, but also after the tour (currently included in the concessions and other parts) and the car (have many test attempts) and so on into their respective channels.

7 version of the entrance will be more accurate, the whole is divided into good things, good price, good article three parts. The best price is the original discount system

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