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On the types of non Chinese domain names

recently studied issues related to domain names such as domain name transfer, domain name registration agents, domain name trading, and so on. Therefore, the famous domain name critic QQ was added in Shenyang. However, after adding QQ, maybe Shenyang is busy, and there is no chat.

today added an article on DoNews to expand financing channels and enliven the Internet economy. The article said Alipay is the seller credit services, not only reflects the status of the financing difficulties of the enterprise network, and proposed to develop network new financing channels, such as domain name, domain name, domain name investment loans rental etc.. The article was inspired by a story about a South Korean bank providing domain name loan services.

coincidentally, after I published this article, Shenyang followed an article published on the back of how many non Chinese domain names. The article said that ICANN and IANA in February 23, 2008 only 284 is divided into three major categories of the domain name, but the publicity content mentioned jodns interconnection on the site said to provide more than 200 countries and regions, nearly 600 kinds of domain name registration services. Shenyang has raised objections to its lack of good faith management.

, that reminds me of a story I saw on the Internet in 2003, " two level domain name registration.". That is, in August 1, 2003, formally established "ZJ (Zhejiang) Internet domain name registration center", aimed at enterprises and institutions in Zhejiang and Zhejiang to provide free top-level domain two level domain name registration." This one looks at the soft text of the website. However, when most people did not have the basic knowledge of the domain name, there are still many people were fooled. "From August 1, 2003 morning to 10:30, the registered two level domain name has reached 20551, the registered domain name of Internet users exceeded the expected level of enthusiasm."

this example reflects the existence of many domain name registration service providers, domain name registration agents, in a fraudulent manner to exaggerate the value of the domain name investment, the purpose is to make profits for themselves. The electronic commerce world had special reports "Chinese domain insider fraud investigation", says that the mainone company in order to profitable consumer fraud domain name investment.

CNNIC promotes the.Cn domain name and Chinese domain name very much, the purpose is very good. But the rapid growth in the number of domain names at the same time, CNNIC also needs to pay attention to reputation, prevent the registration of service providers, in some domain name domain name registration agent malicious by exaggerating domain name investment value, the economic bubble caused by the domain name.

but, for the number of non Chinese domains, some areas need to be explored further. I believe that more than 600 domain name registration services are not unreasonable. Look at Zhuo Hui Internet website, their calculation is to a country or region of different types of domain names are calculated categories, such as China Taiwan domain name of.Tw/.com.t>

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