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The monologue of a new stationmaster under the economic crisis

, when people came to the talent market, labor market and intermediary, big and small, will see the head up, walking hurriedly, more than ever, busy, thus it is not difficult to realize the economic crisis brought the employment pressure. People come to the virtual world of the Internet urgently, there are old rivers and lakes, and there are also little rookies. People want to find a place to live here. It’s full of temptations and opportunities everywhere. ` someone is hesitating; ` someone is watching; someone is rushing in. The people who rush in are lucky and happy; there are also regrets and regrets. No matter how ` come in, since it came in as much as possible to go, until the first to ignite! ` even hopes to defeat the heroic, failure is a as clear as noonday! Life experience. `

‘is the virtual space and the real world what two? ` he is just the real world of tools and extension, in reality there are what kind of people are here, people in the real world manipulation planning of the virtual space on the outside. There is doorway here, must continue to study, study, study again, the survival of the fittest is also the law here. `

said so much to say, what? I just want to tell people who come in and go ahead firmly, while young, learn something, victory beckons, dawn ahead; for those who want to enter the leg said: you must get ready to fight, to be psychologically prepared, ` don’t be Heaven pie


in short, under the economic crisis, we have "failures around us" and thus countless opportunities. There will be many successful websites and new stations in the virtual world, and there will be countless garbage stations and webmaster who drop their heads.

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