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To all QQ webmaster apology letter

Hello everyone, I’m the webmaster of the seven QQ space. Please allow me to describe my reasons for writing this apology letter first.

at the end of 07, I set up a QQ website, named, and I, like all the webmaster, by doing content, SEO, traditional promotion, through 3 months of effort, day IP did more than 30 thousand. But my PR has been 0, so this time, QQ class site webmaster also don’t want to and PR0 site link. I’ve been waiting.

finally wait until May 1st, Google PR big update, my PR once rose to 4, in May 1st, just 4 of the week, Baidu also big update, my collection soared more than 20 thousand. Traffic has also skyrocketed.

I know I have "capital", with similar webmaster talk about friendship links, my PR is very high, the flow is also very high, so I contact a similar site, webmaster are willing to link with me. Just 4 or 5 days, I’ve made hundreds of home links.

why do I do so crazy link? At that time, do QQ station webmaster should know,, he is done N more links, not long after row second. I began to feel complacent, I think the ranking has risen steadily.

but second weeks later, Baidu big update site was down right, I did not break the rankings. Through detailed analysis, I concluded that my home page has been dropped right (fortunately, my traffic is within the pages). And lead to the right to drop the reason is because the home page links, there are some parts of the site was K down right, and the joint punishment, I think it is the same experience.

so I began to organize home links, but the link is too much, so I decided to only retain more than 50 thousand of the flow or more than PR4 sites. This arrangement down more than 100 links, leaving only less than 10. Because the removed links too much, unable to contact (I was too lazy), I only indicated in the home link please be done within the page links webmaster contact (I contacted my head I will inform my removed links).

in the arrangement of the retained links, I do QQ space code keyword site link removed, and then did not inform the webmaster.

at the end of May, Baidu to me right, I rankings rise in June 5th, my ranking to fifth. I think you can do the first ten of the site will cause peer attention.

This time I was before the

link removed without notice to the webmaster, also took note of my website, everybody thinks I’m a ranking of burn the bridge after crossing it.

last night a QQ with me, made a strange words to me, said all the QQ webmaster will take my link, let me out, I did not care, who then joked with me.

then I checked my home page with software and found 3 sites at the same time

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