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nternet business success five site after the black treatment

After the

website is built, maintenance and management become necessary. In this chapter, you will introduce the internal links optimization, efficient maintenance, and the promotion of PR.

1. Optimize the internal links of your website.

two, website maintenance three major common sense

three, improve website PageRank, coup

four, site exchange links, but also beware of fake

five, against illegal websites that violate content,

six, simple configuration allows the web server as strong as iron

seven, understand "spider", improve site included

eight, smart to speed up the page display speed

nine, to improve the domain name PageRank tips

ten, avoid messy online management of web files

eleven, site fault real-time monitoring, automatic reminder

twelve, simply add search function for web site

thirteen, website hacking security tips

fourteen, visitor inquiries and security measures

fifteen, setting up the website permissions to deny hacking

sixteen, refused to "black" security prevention

Detailed information can be more than

to Internet business success (five): Safety Tips "website and reading.

seventeen, to the site was

treatment after darkIf it is found that the

website has appeared abnormal situation, such as the page is modified, the site was added to the malicious code or virus file management, login account can not always remind the wrong password, it is likely that the site has been compromised. At this time, you need to deal with the relevant as soon as possible, in order to prevent hackers planted web viruses spread, affecting the browser’s computer security.

(1) temporarily shut down the web site

After the

website has been hacked, the most common situation is to be implanted Trojans, in order to ensure the safety of visitors, you must first shut down the site, after processing, and then open. When closed can temporarily turn to other domain name address, such as the establishment of a website now, or place a notification page.

(2) uses backup to restore

If the

file is damaged or deleted hacker website, if the advance through the website data backup, you can directly use the backup file to restore, in case there is no backup to backup data is very important, do not propose to conduct any operation, please immediately dedicated to data recovery company trying to restore the hard disk in the server data.

because some of the virtual hosting service providers regularly backup data in the server, if it is a user using the virtual host space, you can also

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