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Grassroots survival localization and socializing

faces the miracle of Groupon development, domestic quickly the storm that buys a group to buy 2 is popularized, according to statistic, just 3 months time, send out more than 500 group buys a website. The market that has acumen to the market is very quick, "sniff" the opportunity that buys a website to contain. The analysis thinks, group purchase as a new e-commerce model, by its own group of consumers, professional website, group purchase business organization group purchase form, enhance the bargaining power of users and businesses, and maximize profits of goods. With the rapid development of the Groupon website, group purchase price of goods is low, by virtue of its influence, enhance the business revenue obvious scale effect and other advantages, causing consumers and industry vendors, and even capital market attention is a natural thing. Therefore, a large number of VC "Crazy" to steal group buying network, but most of the grassroots buy network "head" can not be so lucky, still rely on their own strength to maintain the operation of the website tenaciously.

but the Groupon model has the disadvantage of being user loyalty is low, most of the buyers are discounts to attract a lot of money, think of these hand and high-quality business resources giant group purchase everywhere to protect, will have a strong impact on grassroots webmaster, user groups of hard training, or between one night by the U.S. group, a handle, etc. The more favorable cool group discount to attract.

localization case:

as early as at the end of March the first wave of the line northwest first group purchase of the network (Yang Lingtuan) founder joeyoung had predicted this trend, so in mid April to start planning run (Xi’an regiment) but they do not imitate other group purchase network, but from the site to the domain name a "localization" completely (029 Xi’an telephone area code). Joeyoung said: This is not only good to the people of Xi’an have a greater sense of belonging, in addition to impulse the consumer group purchase discount to attract, we can also do the group reported "services, such as driving, and 46 grade postgraduate classes, training courses and other groups, because these are rigid demand service. This is the Groupon group purchase concept model expands the innovation to a new level, because we do not advance the group reported and training institutions to negotiate discounts offered by the buyer but to "deposit" in the form of a monthly cycle into a group (long period group purchase) and training institutions, to elect representatives to negotiate discounts from buyers again into the group, better quality lower discount who and who cooperation, so let the buyer trust, this mode is called pure buyers union".

socialization case:

more active thinking of Xi’an Mission Station joeyoung to reporters who said: "we do not worry about any network group purchase to Xi’an property, because we have their own core competitiveness:" group purchase is our killer encounter ‘! "While the other is not a detailed explanation, but from the web page and the webmaster and several conversations, the author or guess something:

Xi’an group currently has 6 or 7 League members, Q>

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