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No money website traffic can also soar

often have friends complain, now say the website promotion is too difficult, not free of charge what effect, spend too much money, but the effect is not necessarily good, in fact, as a marketing staff, more or less will encounter such problems, I would like to talk about today, do not spend money several promotion methods can play a good effect.:

first: QQ group website promotion law.

this method is the most common, and the effect is most obvious, there are about 300 IP from it one of my search engine website easou prices every day, and we had only 8 QQ number will reach this number. We can give some data, if you have 50 QQ number, each number has a group of 20, every day you give each group a advertising, even if a group of one click, then your IP is 1000, the absolute is actually greater than 1000. Although this method is stupid, but it is more useful, hair when there are still a few points to note, this is my little experience summed up for everyone to share with you:

1, you should have a good mentality, why do you say, every day you send so much information to the group, they will be very tired, just like a lot of selling invoices stay inside the group, motionless harassment would you like some invoices, the group shows, advertising and selling invoices do not enter! As we are old T, many times will inevitably affect the mood, the test when we come, you continue to send or do not want to affect the mood hair ah, I believe that we will continue the fight.

2, send bulk mail as much as possible. The mass was relatively small probability of T, because it is more subtle, you can choose whether or not to see another point, you send an e-mail, not online users can see when the next line is, timeliness is relatively long, of course it is better effect.

3, try not to make the same thing. When you send QQ mail, if the same title, the content is too much, QQ will prompt you to "your mail volume has reached the limit, please try again later!", there is a period of time because the system cannot send, you would think that this is spam, that many people are not mentioned, do not know is she not to teach or he is no way to solve this problem, the simplest way is to change the title or change the content, so you can escape, and you can go out freely, in a flagrant way.

second: soft Wen promotion.

this method is also a platitude, and I do not talk about in detail, but there is a misunderstanding, many people feel that good writing, in order to promote the role of soft Wen, in fact, otherwise. First of all you have to do your site positioning, belong to that type, like this can be targeted, if your site is entertaining, then put the best choice in entertainment of well-known websites, because your target audience is consistent. In addition, you should pay more attention to the news, seize the things that people are most interested in, and then subtly put you in the middle

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