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The relationship between user experience and search engine

over the years, some fundamental changes have taken place in the production of the website. We remember before doing web site, we all hope that their "little sparrow" Five Zang quan. Everyone is looking at the design style of the portal. Is my early years more like their website, looks thickly packed, people feel that their website content is very rich. No doubt, in the content of more sites, such design is still feasible, and what can be criticized?. But I personally think that this method is the most inadequate user experience is very bad, a very headache to see. I looked at some of the current websites and large websites, and I think they were equally aware of the problem. So, in some practical content, we try to take care of the user’s eyes by increasing the font size and increasing the spacing of characters.

now more and more people are aware of this kind of us, so we often see some simple and refreshing homepage. They don’t have much fancy and put the most promising content on them. This approach can be summed up in four words: "highlight the theme", so we have reason to be sure that, no matter from any angle, the user experience should always be in the first place. I will also explain the importance of the experience from the following, perhaps you think this is nothing to say. I myself do it every day. But I want to tell you, very simple things, not everyone knows, simple things may be most easily overlooked.

one, experience the role of

in search engines

because I am personally familiar with the game, the following example will also be illustrated by the nature of the game station. Make up a case: someone is playing Warcraft, he just has a problem in this area is not very clear, so want to find some information online. And he is through the search engine search "of how to make money, if you took this opportunity to leave, the search engine will search in the first place for you, you want to show that their station address for this person? Many people now do optimization, put a lot of effort on his home. I hope the main keywords are on their first. That is assuming just the user enters your home do you think he can find the information he wants? Certainly is not to be found, even if you stand there, he must also manually, a look, this is the worst experience. Most people see not what I should have gone. He won’t have any good impressions of your site. So what should we do, do you like Warcraft keywords, I think the best in the world of Warcraft rankings and not whether it is very near the top, because it is too general, if you are a user you make a search will not only play the two words. Therefore, we should still more with the inside pages to optimize this aspect, can play the following benefits. 1, the goal is clear, the corresponding competition is very small. 2, greatly increase the user experience, because he sees what he wants. It’s a win-win situation. The resulting user is also the type of user you want most

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