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Website operations five user experience that needs special attention


[editor’s note] this article is reprinted from Zhou Hongyi’s blog, which is a speech delivered by Zhou Hongyi at the UPA user experience conference in November 9, 2012.

The product manager from

‘s technical staff has great potential because he understands technology and can better select technical solutions with technical staff. But I see a lot of technical personnel making a common mistake in the product, too want to show their own technology to the user, the advanced technical concepts to the user.

this is forgotten from the user perspective, the user today, especially the experience of the era, what is called experience era? When the computer or the immediate computer era, the more complex the better, to enter complex instructions, but as an industry, for example, today Apple has become the arcade, computer has become the standard case computer experts from time to enter, popular era, it becomes more and more important experience, users don’t even know what a lot of apple CPU, apple white Formica, rich handsome do not know Apple is only with quad core or core, feel very comfortable.


each person with Google, only to see Google simple search box, who knows what kind of server model behind Google, Google used the next generation of search engine technology. Many technicians do products advertised said this is the fourth generation technology, I do not know the fourth generation of users can not understand, too many times of their departure, we made a user education mistake, my view is not user education, user habits is that you need to observe.

to adapt to the user’s habits, the most terrible thing is to correct the user to develop habits for many years, this is almost impossible.

starting from the user, another is a foundation for the following several points of view how to user experience.


user experience has five points:

1: the core of the user experience is user needs

is the core of the user experience, we are designers, is not designed? Sorry, not the first core of the design, the user experience is the most basic needs of users, if out of the needs of users, a design beautiful products, and the user is unable to resonate.

I’m in a foreign country to a circle, a lot of things a lot of college students creative team to do, for example, in the past two years have a very hot concept LBS, there is a concept called O2O, we see what a successful product? No, very simple, the user selects a product, you do a white users go to a restaurant or decided to buy a TV, because designers may design looking to buy a home, most white users ask a simple question, I solve the problem of what to use this product, this product to what I value, said the people is what, if this.

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