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Talking about the status of webmaster

now the stationmaster does not say, grab a lot in the street, also be a penny, can buy 2.5. The price of a domain name in 2006 CN yuan, is indeed accelerated the development of the Internet China, also created a N number of webmaster, trash everywhere, did not see the owners earn much money, see IDC’s advertising alliance and earned windfall profits. So that the world for the webmaster two words have undergone earthshaking changes, such as the following dialogue.

a few years ago……

A and B pointed to a high spirited webmaster brother said: "Wow, that is the webmaster



, A, and B point to a mental and physical slob who says, "Hey, that man is a station owner,


word, who is a world of difference, let the webmaster two words in such a big change?

what is a webmaster, a meter + a piece of field + a program + automatic collection, or every day thinking about their own creativity, thinking about the risk of YY all day crying: "let me give you investment, invest XXXX million."." A creative today, tomorrow a creative, on their own station every day, after the station must be K shouted: X, X, X, valley of the new algorithm, discard the grassroots webmaster. @#!%# $#& "


below, I use webmaster classic quotations to explain webmaster meaning, just personal view.

1. the early bird catches the worm, the early worm eaten by the bird.

every qualified stationmaster is diligent, and all are clever birds, not be stupid dead insect. In my QQ Riga webmaster, see him on the line after, will say early ah, in fact was already close to noon, I do not know is not every owl type, anyway, I know the webmaster and myself so, do not know what time from the beginning, love the night, only to fly click the keyboard sound and sound to accompany you through the chassis fan. (seems to pull away, Oh God, forgive me forgive me, gentlemen)

2. disorderly hair, beard stick, smelly feet.

quoted me as a programmer who described himself. Every stationmaster is assiduous, not be inferior to senior 3 student, but is light industrious useful? See next


3. iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but the wooden pestle can be ground into a toothpick, not material, then it was no use trying to.

this seems to be an old topic, the location of the site is not discussed, the following sentence summarizes

4. today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people will die tomorrow night.

borrow a great God here. Everyone knows that. Generally speaking, websites will die in three ways,

1. quotes from second quotations, diligence, but the site is not positioned,


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