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Talk about the single user blog Blog program used

uses so many blogging apps and writes about.

said I now use the sablog-x, a simple function, the background is simple, clear, safe, well. Of course, do not rule out the possibility of being black, I love this simple, convenient and practical procedures, support pseudo static, like a system. The deficiencies are no plug-ins, so. Is to modify the code to complete the template, but many less beautiful, I like this, is the forum friends from the K2 transplant, the default is good. Have been waiting for 2, a lot of friends can’t wait to go directly to the WordPress, will be released in August. For the 2, has been looking forward to.

in WordPress, there are a lot of advantages, WordPress plug-in, template theme. You will not know what to choose, many of my friends have used the WordPress to do the blog, because of the powerful WordPress, many websites are using WordPress free (, WordPress as well, the custom URL path, Ping plug-in is very good, published an article, a cigarette in the time, it included the Google, who also said WP pig is very strong, I do not use WordPress for many reasons, the language is on the one hand, if the English version, hard to understand, Chinese version of it, error prone. Accessing.WordPress is not garbled the efficiency of several domestic blog program.WordPress is the most famous foreign blog program, said that the WordPress code is written well, the efficiency of how..

Z-blog, I don’t understand, but see people say well used, support custom content page URL, custom column URL, can generate static HTM pages. The blog is good in ASP. The template a lot. Many people left behind by z-blog.

pjblog2, now has been upgraded to pjblog3, the first blog program I use, simple operation, multiple themes, the forum is also very active, beautiful and well done, many people use this program, the author Chen Zishun legend PJBlog QQ Zone (PuterJam) is the designer, this is no wonder…..Pjblog update, I have no concern, anyway, I used pjblog2, a big data, the speed, it’s frightening, motionless IE death card, or a half..


Bo-Blog? From installation to use to delete, I have not seen what he has advantages, but also can not find any shortcomings, but his subject skin is pretty good.

, F2blog, and even home pages are often not open, old do not update…

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