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The experience of diversified service brought by station construction experience is different

with the continuous development of network technology, and now the site is no longer in 90s that kind of single page layout, so monotonous, and now rich color, picture collocation make the website appears distinctive features. Especially people on the network’s increasing awareness in the crowd basically exists in the first impression of the website, such as the beautiful degree, website access speed, site layout and so on, this is the user experience, before I did not stand from the user’s point of view to consider but, according to their own love, design is reasonable, and it looked like a garbage station feeling, with my own ability and understanding unceasing enhancement, I gradually realized that the site layout, design, user experience is an important reference data.

with its own navigation network set up more than a month, I am seeking for different promotion methods, but the only effective way to bind promotion, because the other is for the first visit, second had become a bubble, I thought it was really no character, as other people do. I admit, but so far I really don’t know what the most profitable station, and great prospects for development, is I think a lot recently, I suddenly thought of love was very happy, why not create a two page on the site, just do it, get a set of the program, do slightly modify, upload up, finally do collect information on this topic, 2010 happy boys built up from here, I think of why a single website does not provide some special services, in In many navigation network to provide a mobile phone number query, IP query, query, query, bus recipes and all the convenience query, these small services mainly give the user some good service, I think 197 Internet navigation also has been looking for opportunities. Although my experience is not enough, since nearly a year to do stand, they are learning, feel, on this understanding, I think it is some, I am a student read the electronic commerce, the face of market employment pressure is severe, I really tried very hard to learn all kinds of knowledge. You may know what is now out of college salary, no experience, lack of ability which have become a restrictive limitations, although I do this station is to try to find some better experience, in order to better participate in combat, I think I can study well, to his ability exercise, although a long way, but I believe there will be a rainbow.

see a lot of reports that e-commerce will become the future development of one of the largest e-commerce giants, Chinese, dominate the market, if as a personal webmaster to be rooted in this, we need to find the opportunity and methods better, we simply can’t do nationwide, but the vertical of us you can go in, because we have to do is to provide a better and more distinctive service. I’ve been thinking about when I’m going to do it myself, but I’m always thinking of an inverse relationship with what the market has decided