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Review and reflect on your own website

is now in the vastness of the Internet, various types of sites nationwide portals have innumerable, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, business class Taobao, pat, there is ah, HC and so on, community forum Tianya, personal website popularity is incomparable. But before relying on a good idea and the achievement of a personal career now seems like the Arabian Nights, the most classic is like HAO123 Li Xingping, how many webmaster desires the investor’s favor, but now this is difficult to expect.

the global financial crisis in 2008 has caused many people to lose their jobs. In order to seek a new way of survival and development, many people have joined the ranks of individual owners, and I am one of them. Because heard too much Internet myth story, even some edge station as a story of earning large quantities of gold each day, there is no technical basis of white, is full of excitement., dream of one day a hundred have become idle people. However you toss more than two months, because there is no technical basis, sometimes to a module update error caused by clearing redo station. The delete, delete, hard for two months since it was set up a basic framework, it is also not good, GOOGLE and Baidu are only recorded their home page. But here I would like to thank all the old people who provide free system, you let me this technology idiot can also make their own website, really thank you.

platform is built, but what to do? How to survive? I can’t help selling. Do some popular pictures or film and television stations, the flow must come quickly, but also in a short period of time to see benefits. But the government’s recent crackdown on Internet unhealthy messages has made me see the end of such websites. We recall their own Internet, in order to find some information, not the perfect, open a link, select their own useful information, this work really is a waste of time, why not make a collection of these useful information in their own site, let users find themselves want to find the information on a site can, this is also an idea? The idea of the implementation of the workload is enormous, personal webmaster do not have the ability and energy to do all of the original, then left a collection method.

however, I don’t want to use software batch acquisition, although it can enrich the content of my website in a very short time. Because you no consideration of your collected data is not every one meets your requirement, is not in the wrong link, the contents of the layout is in accordance with the user’s reading habit? Each of a collection of articles have you seen? What will help people? These are what I should consider the problem. So my station data are my own manual collection, some even knock into every single word or phrase. Although the site is not perfect, but I think I used the heart to do their own web site, but also really treat their own web site users. I am quite complacent about that. For Baidu and GOOGLE’s collection, one from will not optimize, and secondly, do not care too much about it