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Talking about how set up 11 days was included in the Baidu

SEO I am a novice, this is the first station of I SEO do, is accumulated a little experience, I learned to make full use of my knowledge learned in SEO and Admin5 on some experience and methods.

from the site on the line, the first Google included my website, Baidu every day to my website, I use what I learned, Sina, and Baidu, and other well-known website blog post, registered to some of the more famous webmaster forum to exchange links, and then left plate exchange links the information, in addition, make full use of tools such as Baidu know, answer questions, leave a link. On the BBS that can show signature, write your website Web site, of course, in order to let Baidu included as soon as possible, I also insist on an original article every day.

Go to see Baidu spider crawling

my daily record, basically from the Baidu line when I come every day, one day to a lot of times, I have every day to see my site is not included in Baidu, this has been doing the same work every day, for eleventh days until my site on line my site, has been included in Baidu, a collection of 47 pages.

from on-line to collected only 11 days, this is a great encouragement to me, I read a lot of articles in Admin5, the webmaster said Baidu included in more than half a month, I think it will take so long,

all I’m talking about is my personal experience. I’ve just done these steps:

         ;   1 original articles, adhere to every day.

         ;   2, links, if friends do stand, you can also ask them to help bring, to speed up your collection.

           ;   3, the establishment of blogs in several well-known websites, such as Sina, and dispatch, Baidu and so on.

              4, some of the more famous registered webmaster forum, then go to the Links forum released in Links, can display the forum signature forum to write on their website address.

            5, registered several famous quiz website: Sina ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, Baidu know, Q & A, 120ask Qihoo, Soso Ask Ask questions such as website.

I hope this experience for you novice webmaster help.