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Webmaster sentiment change the point of view of search engine optimization work

website optimization for some years, the eyes of the Baidu optimization is a need to persist in the work, perhaps this process you will feel irritable and boring, or even confused. Never mind, I always encourage friends, you will see new things from another point of view, in an industry that the industry is at least so interest, so we need to put their interests to maximize the mobilization of the



website optimization seemingly simple actually doing it is not so simple, we need the knowledge of the system, regardless of the site, or program optimization category, have been covered, for example, every day we write original articles, give yourself at least a day, not afraid of no material, with others to write material, eventually into their own content it can be.

for a month, you’ll have feelings for writing. Subtle influence, you will find that their style of writing has also changed, and every day also allows you to insist on upgrading the site will be upgraded slowly, this is a sense of accomplishment!


over the years, too many people on the website optimization, that is, SEO there are a lot of misunderstanding, that is literally do a few keywords to the home page or what special technology, so I’ll tell you about it.

At the same time, we do

optimization must understand the rules of search engine, but also to consider whether the site is suitable for the demand of marketing, website have attractive to visitors? User experience and so on, keep visitors time one second, you will add a web experience, the web site has a viscosity, search score naturally more and more


two, we have to make the best use of the search engine platform, since the search marketing should attach great importance to this platform, because good website optimization will bring you considerable free flow, flow more directly and directly linked to your business, so we use the search is to give the performance of our


through our efforts to better position ranking of search engine, but our next work will be more difficult, that is how to keep our rankings? How to make search engines has been that this is the key to our

!In addition to the

construction and the chain construction accident. We should pay attention to content most is their own construction experience, only the user loyalty is high, our website will have value, search engines will be considered valuable, so we even do keywords qualifying ideal position, do not stop and improve the experience for our own website the promotion, this is the ultimate goal we do optimization! Search engine optimization is a journey of art! The Tianjin wedding rental: original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5