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Site analysis of second advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

– search keyword analysis

usually search keywords can reflect the site visitors visit the site; for example, in the search box enter rental apartment "visitors, they want to search for some representative" related information rent ". If you classify the search keywords of your web site visitors, and analyze your visitors’ number of visits, jump out rate, conversion number and other key website analysis indicators, it will be of great help to optimize your website.

if the content of the site does not match what the visitor expects, it is easy for the visitor to open the site, let alone facilitate the transformation. Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn:

(1) when visitors stay long on the site, the number of transitions is high, indicating that the content of the site matches the purpose of the visitor entered through the search key.

(2), on the other hand, when visitors stay in the website too short, the jump rate is high, indicating that the visitor’s needs are not met. In this case, we need to optimize the website, add some content that meets the needs of our visitors, and add some search keywords that can improve the search.

The basic principle of

search keyword partitioning:

the first step is to filter the search keywords as the object of the analysis, and focus on the number of visits in the top 10 keywords, and then expand the scope of the analysis to the top 100.

, if you can analyze all search keywords, of course, very good, but the average size of the site search keywords will generally have tens of thousands of, large-scale websites even one hundred thousand, millions. Analyzing these search keywords one by one is impractical and fundamentally impossible to analyze.

in the actual analysis of key words, the general analysis should be focused on the "top 10 key words" and "the first 100 keywords."". Sometimes, according to the amount of information on the actual situation, site analysis of the "top 25 key" and "top 50 key", so in the end how many keywords right analysis requires specific website business and the analysis of historical experience to judge.

(1) analysis of the first 10 keywords

first requires access to the top 10 search keywords. In e-commerce (EC) websites or marketing websites, the number of visits to the site through the top 10 keyword search accounts for about 30% to 50% of the total number of visits and conversion. Therefore, the analysis of these keywords, equivalent to nearly half of visitors visit the purpose of analysis, the optimization of the site is very helpful.

This is a

hotel reservation website (such as site name "again") search keywords into proportion and conversion ratio. As can be seen from the figure below, the number of key entries in the top 10 accounts for over 50% of the total number of entries

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