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Electricity supplier operators will be 10 strokes you will recruit a few

a qualified operation, not only to have the boss’s sense of responsibility, the artist’s aesthetic, and promote the market insight, but also the meticulous customer service. It can be said that operation is the soul of a shop. In the development of the electricity supplier very influential era, as long as you dare to say that they are operating, it is very popular. Whether you set up your own shop or work for someone else, it’s important for you to exercise your ability to operate. Today, I’d like to introduce to you what capabilities you have as a qualified operation.

1. Ability to locate markets

positioning the market from the product point of view. A selection operation to have their own opinions, not others, but not blindly believe the data. This is certainly someone will refute me, they would say that doing business in Taobao, do not look at the data, then we see what? I did not deny the importance of data, I just said that we sometimes don’t superstitious data, because the data is not necessarily true. For example, according to market data, the mobile phone shell market is definitely greater than the keyboard film, but if you plug into the mobile phone shell industry, you will find that the facts are not as simple as they think. Taobao and offline business is the biggest difference is that customers throughout China, so small industry in Taobao will also have a big market demand. The key is how we locate and package our products.

two, the ability to view data

sees data in a wide range, including master chart data, detail data, product data, customer data, market data, promotion data, SEO data, and so forth. And as the operation, for these data, not only to clear its exact meaning, but also to clarify the application of these data significance. Because the shop is a whole, any part of the data problems will reflect some problems. What you need to do is to summarize the observation data and draw conclusions from the data to provide support for the next step of the optimization solution. For example, the store flow up and down, if we do not go to analyze the reasons, then we can not avoid committing similar mistakes again, but also can not enhance our operating capacity.

three, the ability to diagnose stores

diagnostic shops are also a wide range, including visitor trends, product sales, marketing strategies, promotional effects, performance and so on. Not only do we need to have data analysis capabilities, but more importantly, we must have a clear idea, we should learn to understand the shop problems from some clues. For example, find a dynamic scoring without shop is reduced, you will simply think this is just a wrong? You know, buyers score is very blind, if his bad mood, often not only to you a score given low score. So, what we have to do is to let buyers just buy what we have, and it’s cool, as for how cool, that’s what you should think about.

four, the ability to layout products

Is the

product regularly updated or new?

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