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11 skills to improve the PR value of the website

came back this morning to find PR’s great summer show, so he quickly wrote an article: "June 24, 2009 PR big update, Yan Yan blog PR is 3.". As usual, update a few websites, to talk about how to improve the PR value of the site. I said is not how to quickly improve the PR value, because the use of certain cheating means to improve the PR value, the next time it is likely to be hit back to the prototype.

1, the use of excellent links to improve PR value

this is known to be the most important, but not necessarily everyone can do it well. It might be nice to find a link to your site’s PR, but maybe his export link is more than 50, and maybe his Google snapshot is stuck in N days ago. My blog exchange is purely a link, so any blog does not matter, and some of my other sites, general exchange links to meet the following three conditions:

(1) Baidu and Google included more than 100

(2) search engine, site home page ranked first, or to ensure that the first page of

(3) my website PR is x, then the website that links with me is generally PR is greater than or equal to X-1.

, if the other party’s Web site has a good target, keyword in the home page, whether it is Baidu or GG, you can not take into account the above conditions.

2, export links to improve PR value

The PR value of

website navigation station will be higher than the PR value of other websites. GG reference standard should be included in the quality and quantity of the export link, find a few of you often go to the website or the website of weight and they are not willing to exchange Links and you, take the initiative to do their links to anchor text, this should have a modest effect on improving the PR value.

3, web site to improve the PR value, but also to provide keywords weight

this is actually useful, but many people tend to ignore it or say it’s too lazy to do it. There are 2 general situations in the chain:

The inner chain of

(1) should have a good tree structure or an annular structure. Those who have studied network engineering or computer basics should know the characteristics of these two topologies. Some pages, the chain of small enterprise website, to improve the PR value, you can do some articles at this point. The link between the pages is very reasonable, do not let spiders into the dead end, search engines will naturally give you a good weight.

(2) chains note the use of anchor text. About the concept of anchor text, please refer to the SEO basics I’ve written before. General anchor text can point to your home page or a column of the page, then you can use the target keyword or column keyword to do anchor text. If the chain to a certain page, I believe it must be for a key word.


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