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Baidu doesn’t update site snapshots and Solutions

everyone in the process of site construction, may encounter Baidu snapshot not update problem. I am no exception, to help maintain a friend’s website (97bobo) Baidu snapshot time stopped in August 7th, has been to 17 No update, and similar sites Baidu snapshot almost every day updates. I’m here to say that Baidu snapshot is not updated, but the site’s keywords ranking has not changed.

analysis of the causes. This website ( there is no cheating place, then I thought of a few days ago the space has been opened up perhaps Baidu spider I stand open to snapshot not update (advise you do not cheap to buy cheap space or find some large IDC space is also used to buy peace of mind) as we all know, if the site the meeting won’t lead to the spider can’t grab content, Baidu will temporarily stop website snapshot update, etc. after a certain period, usually about 1 weeks to 1 months later, Baidu re calculate the website weight and quality after the chain, will begin to update snapshot, and adjust the new ranking web site. In any case, this site or triggered a snapshot of Baidu does not update the fuse.

additionally, from the point of view of site activity. Website content is updated almost everyday. Baidu likes to update fast sites, like fresh content; this is not caused by Baidu snapshot is not updated reasons.

analyzes the search for other domain names in Baidu under the same IP. Basically good, no cheating sites. Then, with the web server cheating in tie is not exist, this is not the reason.

analyzes external links exported from web sites. Every link in the Baidu the citation in the basic good, of course, which also appeared in one or two by K, immediately adjust; analysis of the same site, also pointing to the Baidu K Links, and their snapshot update every day, included in Baidu’s good. I think the one or two K website is not Baidu snapshot stop updating reasons. Of course, does not rule out, if it is, then by the tie is too much.

analysis from the site itself, there is no excessive SEO situation. The ads for the site include Ali mom and Google Adsense, but that shouldn’t be the reason. Baidu didn’t even adjust the keyword ranking of the site. It seems hard to say that Baidu is the right to drop this site.

In order to stimulate the Baidu spider to climb

. 97bobo only seduced Baidu.

adds a plain text description of "79bobo" to the home page of the website, creating the only new keyword that has no two: "female beauty 79bobo."". After doing well, go to the website that Baidu updates frequently, send a soft Wen to stick. For example, "what is a female beauty 79bobo? Who’s standing?" and so on, I just went to the laggards forum and Admin5 forum, each made a soft Wen paste.

17, evening 5 release of the post, second days in the morning can see, Baidu included me in the outdated

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